Praise for "For the Love

Reading this book is like sitting down to coffee with a friend. Jen pulls you close and whispers in your ear, “You are not failing. You’re doing great!” And because of Jen’s authenticity and her gift with words and with people, you actually believe her, breathe a sigh of relief, and feel empowered to go out and be a little gentler with everybody else, too. Jen moves effortlessly (and hilariously!) between the profound and the practical, sharing everything from how God shook up her neatly-tied-up theology to helpful advice on how to restore sanity to your schedule, build lasting friendships around your table (recipes included!), and make Jesus’ love real enough to your kids that they won’t walk away from the church. For The Love helps us set aside the impossible standards we use to evaluate ourselves so that we can breathe in Love, and breathe it out again.

~ Jennifer; Writer, Counselor, and Community-Builder. Chicago, IL

From start to finish, this book makes you feel like you are having coffee with your best friend. It’s fun, encouraging, thought-provoking, and leaves you with a renewed love for life, people, and Jesus.

~ Elise; Wife, Mom, Blogger, Caffeine Addict. Twin Cities, MN

When life seems overwhelming and busy, reading usually falls low on our long list of priorities. But For the Love is more than a book-it’s making time for a new friend. Jen’s raw honesty will leave you laughing out loud and exhaling a deep sigh of relief. Powerful and poignant, Jen’s message in For the Love challenges our safe Christian ideologies while motivating the reader to seek authentic faith motivated by big love. Don’t be surprised if you get to the end and want to immediately start all over again!

~ April Lakata Cao; Military wife, Mom to Four Extraordinary Kids and Writer. Wherever the Navy send us.

For the Love is a breath of fresh air, a relevant call to action, and an invitation for women to let ourselves “off the hook” so that we can get real about living and loving freely and boldly. Jen just gets it. You won’t find many authors who can move you to a full force ugly cry and a full force laughter episode all in the same page. Complete authenticity from cover to cover, FOR THE LOVE!

~ Amanda Johnson; Harmonica Collector, Embracer and Contributor of Awkward Situations, Guacamole Lover. Huntsville, TX

This book speaks to the heart of every woman, wife, mom, daughter and friend. The best part is honesty, because truth is so refreshing. Sometimes life is messy, so we clean it up, and start over. Sometimes we just need a new hashtag or words to express ourselves. Found it all here-#forthelove….#bless JenHatmaker for being so real.

~ Angie D.; Follower of Jesus, wife of one, momma of four, mimi of two.

If I would have read this book when I was a “young one” I’m certain my life would have been richer and fuller and I would have experienced so much more freedom. But even now, as an almost empty nester, it has begun a healing in places that got buried in the rush of it all. Whatever stage of life you find yourself in there is something here for you. Jen shares her learned wisdom with us while making it easy to read through laughter and tears. Everyone simply must read this book. For the love… of grace.

~ Andrea; Homemaker, foodie, and pilgrim in need of grace and coffee.

For the Love is a must read book. You’ll laugh, cry, shout in agreement and want to read all of it aloud to your unsuspecting children, house guests, friends and/or husband.

~ Alyssa DeLosSantos; Wife of John, Mother of three lovelies, Ragamuffin and Accidental Blogger. Boerne, Texas

Jen nailed it! Everything. Nailed. Couldn’t put the book down, I was hooked. And, when I finally finished it, I picked it back up and started reading again!

~ (Brandy, Marriage and Family Therapist, Humor Enthusiast, Grass Valley, CA)

Jen Hatmaker writes in such a conversational way, it’s more like having coffee and great conversation with friends than reading a book (no wonder everyone thinks she should be their new best friend!). In For The Love, Jen tackles parenting, marriage, faith, friends and spandex with grace, truth and daring that has you laughing, crying and shouting “Amen” in turn-sometimes all at the same time! Such a great book, I could turn around and immediately re-read it…and enjoy it just as much!

~ Cindy Battles: Mother, Jesus Follower, Coffee Addict

Freedom is found in these pages! Reading “For the Love” felt as though Jen Hatmaker had invited me to her porch to talk with her over a cup of coffee. Jen put words to realities that my heart has been feeling but couldn’t fully express. This book made me laugh as much as it made me cry, stirred my soul, and left me feeling like Jen was patting me on the back, encouraging me to step into all that God has for me in this one life that I get. Everyone needs to read this book!

~ Katie Tramonte – Introvert, Blogger, Jesus-Follower, and Lover of Free Swag. Tulsa, OK

For the Love is the best of Jen all together. Her BIG FEELINGS come blasting through on every page. You will cackle, cry and you will find yourself with new perspective. This is the book to introduce your favorite people to Jen Hatmaker with. Know her well? You will NOT be disappointed!

~ Beth; football coach’s wife, mama, Jesus follower finding her voice. Bluefield VA

You will not be able to put this book down! When you’re finished with it, you’ll want to read it again. Woven everywhere between the laughter and tears, you’ll find grace and hope for our generation. For The Love will be a well-loved, often re-read favorite on my bookshelf for years to come and will be my perfect “go-to” gift for all occasions…because who doesn’t need a healthy dose of laughter and grace and Jen Hatmaker on a regular basis?

~ Julie; Real Estate Broker, Blogger, and Everyone’s Favorite Aunt. Barnhill, IL

Whether lamenting the tragedy of “tights as leggings,” rejoicing in the blessing of good food or challenging her readers to live with big hearts, Jen Hatmaker cuts to the soul of what it means to be a woman. In a realm where Pinterest perfection reigns, she invites us to embrace simplicity. In a closet full of spanx, she reminds us to breathe. In a world of harshness, she extends grace.

~ Marie; blogger, librarian and eater of chocolate. Post Falls, ID

This book is like spending a weekend with Jen in which you discuss all the things using all the words and feeling all the feels. You’ll laugh, cry, think and be challenged to be the best you.

~ Ann; Wife, Mom and still figuring out what to be when I grow up. Anna, TX

“For The Love”, truthfully points to The One above, not within walls or standards or normality, but in freedom and grace and hope. Can we ask anything more from a brother or sister in Christ, except to live with integrity exposing freedom Jesus brings, as truth of joy, for ALL to see? The come-as-you-are-Gospel really does mean come as you are, because Jesus and His standard of GRACE. “For The Love”, is a fruit-filled offering of a heart seen to be grateful.. for THE love. Thanks Jen, I feel The Love. Drink up friends, the Living Water really does free us to LIVE, #forthelove.

~ Kelsey; A sinner whom Jesus loves like a Saint. Lawn, TX

How do you describe a book that helped you realize that you are also a lover of people? I loved the book because it made me look at my life from a different perspective and realize that I need “people” who are there for me as well. Love is a need for all and this book will help you find your way.

~ Angie Webb, writer, speaker and radio show guest. Levelland, Texas.

Jen does an outstandingly witty job of exposing the truth to the untouched places of motherhood, friendships, fashion, life, and so much more. Her words made me laugh til I cried, and cry til I laughed. Be ready because this book is going to turn things upside down and inside out!

~ Amanda Brown; Wife, mother, teacher, and artist. Moncks Corner, SC

If you’re looking for just another Christian book by just another Christian author, this is not the book for you. Jen transcends the lines between Christian and secular culture through her humor and personable nature. Identifying the common threads that run through each of us, regardless of faith, creates a platform for women to be united. This book opens the door to faith conversations among women by showing us we are all fighting different versions of the same battle. For the Love is the book you place into the hands of every woman in your life, believer or unbeliever.

~ Katie Howard; Boy Mom, Pastor’s Wife, and Closet Blogger. Seaford, VA

Jen has done it again! She had me feeling like I was sitting on my porch with my best friend. She delivered truth, humor, tears, grace & inspiration all in one book! So thankful for her heart. This will be a book I read over and over again!

~ Audra; SAHM, Writer, Photographer, and Coffee & Chocolate are my BFF! Bristol, IL

If you’ve ever been broken- If you’ve ever been hurting and needed a safe place to come home to, this is the book for you. Let Jen and Jesus wrap their arms around you and grace begin to do it’s healing work.

~ Stacey; Wife, Mom, Minister of the Gospel and Aspiring Author. Clermont, FL

Jen’s words ring true in every possible way. For The Love had me laughing out loud; it’s unapologetic truth-telling encouraged my soul. I cannot stop thinking about snippets of hilarity and truth from it’s pages… I want everyone I love to read this book!

~ J’Layne; Friend, Teacher, Missionary. Dallas, TX/Maai Mahiu, Kenya.

Humorous and insightful, Jen Hatmaker’s latest book, “For the Love” is a breath of fresh air in a world where one’s Christian beliefs can often be a dividing rather than uniting force. In this book, Hatmaker focuses on helping her readers find grace by extending it, find love by giving it, and calls us to live out our faith by remembering we have only two jobs as Christians – to love each other, and to love Him.

~ Sandy Kaduce – Freelance Writer, Blogger and mom, Seattle, WA

For the Love is a breath of fresh air to world-weary lungs and a balm to sad and splintered souls. In her quirky way, Jen Hatmaker will make you laugh and think and cry and wonder and question and pray and ponder and feel. She will be gentle with you, and she will show you what actual, true, redemptive, perfect love is all about. It’s a message our very beings yearn to hear.

~ Traci Cook, Christ follower, Army wife, mom of 2 boys, Baylor girl, educator, sometimes-blogger, social media enthusiast. Carlisle, PA

For the Love is a Jen Hatmaker sandwich. Layers of juicy Jesus truth placed between just the right amount of irreverence and humor. For the Love is one book you’ll want to pass on to everyone you know!

~ Daughter of the King, wife to Mark, mom to 4 cheerio gang members, dust bunny wrangler, & blogger all while loving & living life in Ohio.

Jen will make you laugh out loud, curse your aging hands, and completely turn your faith upside down. In this handbook for giving yourself a little grace- reminding us that we don’t have to do it all. In this crazy ride called life, we’re all in this together. For the Love, read this book!

~ Stephanie; Stay at Home Mom, Blogger, and Book Lover. Bedford, IN

In “For The Love” Jen reminds us of the beautifully simple, yet profound truths of God’s word: That life is about loving God, serving His people with our gifts, and knowing we are all in this together. (Oh, and occasionally putting on real pants. You know, the ones with an actual button and zipper!)

~ Erica; Wife, Artist, and Lover of Jesus…but I drink a little. Olathe, Kansas.

This book. I laughed. I cried. I healed in some hard to reach areas. And then, I laughed again. In For The Love, Jen Hatmaker teaches us how to extend grace, to ourselves and to others. You don’t want to miss this. It’s not just a book, it’s a lesson in love and in grace.

~ Deanna Kell, Mom, Writer, Dreamer, Butler, Alabama

Jen Hatmaker is like an Erma Bombeck for our generation. This book made me shake with laughter and nearly shout a big “Amen Sister!” in the middle of an airplane full of strangers. You are going to love For the Love!

~ Brianna Sweet; The girl next door who loves to read, Cross Fit, and hang with family. Gig Harbor, WA

I’ve read this book three times in two months. It is that relevant, that needed, and that important to my life. Jen’s words are like a breath of fresh air that encourage me to take off some pressure, put on a whole lot of love, and believe that it will be enough. Oh yes, and it is hilarious.

~ Gina; Wife, Mom, Blogger, lover of words and ice cream in waffle cones. Jonesborough, TN

Jen is a 40-something, married, mom of 5; I am a 30-something, single, mom of 0. Despite this difference, I read this book feeling Jen knows me better than I know myself. I so appreciate being both challenged and encouraged by her words. Every woman longing for the freedom to love herself and the people around her will benefit from reading this book.

~ Katie Mumper; Executive Assistant, Blogger, and Introverted Social Media Addict; Atlanta, GA

“For the Love” is good for your soul and for your abs! Jen Hatmaker will have you doubled over in laughter and then she will BAM! hit you with her wisdom and insight and grace filled faith and you will be tearing up like a baby. Refreshing and encouraging, this is a book you will want to share with friends!

~ Sue; Mom, Wife, Blogger, and Holy Yoga Instructor. Austin, TX.

Biblical, humorous, poignant, and sometimes just a little bit irreverent, every chapter in Jen Hatmaker’s latest book For the Love is focused on what the title says: Everything we do, we do for the Love: love for God, love for His Son Jesus, love for His people. All His people: the people in our homes, in our churches, in our communities, in the world. I laughed and cried in turn, and my heart was moved to love God and His people in real and tangible ways. What more could one ask for in one book?

~ Pattie, military ministry wife, mom of two teenage girls, and voracious reader in Eagle River, Alaska

For The Love is like doing research on myself and discovering that I’m more okay than I thought. With wit, humor and incredible insight, Jen Hatmaker crafts everyday thoughts into important life lessons. You’ll laugh, cry, reflect and turn the last page a better person.

~ Anne Watson, Speaker and Author at

This book is So Good. I laughed and I cried and I identified with so much of what Jen said. Reading this book felt like a weeklong vacation with my best friend. I want everyone I know to read this book.

~ Lyndi; Paralegal, Photographer and Craft Blogger, Wichita, KS

Jen’s welcoming candor, humor, and courage to address real issues head on is refreshing. Reading this book feels like sitting in my living room laughing, sharing truth and tears, while dreaming of days ahead with my dearest friends over coffee. I actually shouted “Amen sister!” multiple times out loud while reading. It is a must read for all, chirstian and non-christian alike!

~ Amber Barrett; wife, mom, and Noonday Ambassador. Murfreesboro, TN

Jen looks through my windows and has a wire tap on my phone. For the Love reveals truths about my day to day life and expresses my feelings that I can never quite put into words. Jen is so truthful it’s painful and hilarious at the same time. Her authenticity is a brand that barely exists anymore and I love it. It charms me to death and challenges me live!

~ Allison Pickett; Christ Follower who loves cake, wishes LOST was still on, and mom of three wild ones.

You know that friend, who is hilarious but also makes you feel normal, even while your kitchen is a mess and you haven’t brushed your teeth? That’s what Jen does in this book. Her ability to use humor and sincerity to talk about difficult and necessary subjects makes me want to hand this book out on the street corner. She articulates the questions that so many Christians and non-Christians carry around but in a way that is approachable, and dare I say, fun.

~ Aundi Kolber; Blogger, Mental Health Counselor and purveyor of fabulous salsa; Lakewood, CO

Once again, Jen Hatmaker has shaken my faith and made me think about more than just myself. My “comfy Christian life” is no longer enough; this book pushes me to want more. Jen’s words can make you laugh out loud one minute and ugly cry the next, bringing into context what God REALLY wants for us in our lives. Everyone NEEDS to read this book; and make sure you bring your highlighters- for the love!

~ Erin Wevers; Wife, Mother, L&D Nurse, and most of all Lover of Jesus. Grand Forks, ND

In a world where social media showcases the best of people’s lives, it’s easy to feel like we don’t measure up. Jen Hatmaker is a breath of fresh air, a reassuring friend whose honesty bring respite for the soul. She reminds us that life is real, it’s hard, and it’s amazing. Buy several copies for your besties, because you won’t want to part with yours!

~ Julie; Math Interventionist, and a Tex-Mex obsessed family gal. Cypress, TX

“For The Love” offers a rallying cry to women who are ready to say no to the status quo, to the mindless bickering and to the lines that divide us as women. With hilarious insight and deep wisdom, Jen calls us all to a life of more: more Jesus, more love, more people. Her kind and encouraging words will make you want something you didn’t even know you were missing: a life overflowing to the brims with the grace of Jesus.

~ Laura; wife, mom, friend and lover of chips and queso.

“For The Love” is what I wish was given to me when I became an adult. Everything Jen wrote, clicked with me as though I’ve been thinking the same thoughts but never had the words to say. I feel like I just sat on a back porch with Jen and had a good, deep conversation with a life-long friend about the greatest desires of my heart. I am so grateful for her words, her heart and her passion to unite us to further the Kingdom of God. If I could, I would give this book to as many people as I could!

~ Lauren; Pastor’s Wife, Mother, Blogger and Living in Grace and Joy. Atlanta, GA

“7” challenged our priorities. “Interrupted” gave us vision for our mission. “For the Love” gives us hope to be who God has made us to impact our world. A mix of poignant essays and hilarious stories, Jen’s book will encourage and challenge you. It may even cause you to ask friends to check your leggings-as-pants.

~ Jessica; Dreamer by night, Teacher and Mom by day. The Colony, TX

This book offers fertile soil for every Jesus-girl to plant herself in; Jen helps us get free from canned Christianity, worldly woman expectations–and encourages us to love like we were truly made to. My heart was unburdened, my outlook renewed; even my husband was so glad I read this book!!!! Jen’s honesty, humor, and heart for Jesus is so refreshing; I’m going to buy a copy for all my friends.

~ Noelle, wife/mom, aspiring writer and practicing Jesus-girl. Longview Texas

WARNING: Opening this book and in any way consuming it’s insights will incur an increase in your purchase of tissues, violent bursts of laughter at inappropriate moments, profuse leakage from your optical orifices as well as…(just batten down the hatches ladies). Also, possible cardiac aching and or cleaning may be experienced. Most have found they are not the same after choosing to ingest this work of words and heart.

~ Melinda:Wife, Mom to 5, Eclectic Creator, Mn Girl Who Hates Being Cold.

For the Love is another example of Jen’s whitty, thoughtful, and sincere truth-telling genius. I laughed through her authentic stories and was deeply challenged to live a life more like Christ. I’m a better mom, wife, and Jesus-follower because of For the Love. Thanks, Jen Hatmaker!

~ Leanne; minister, pastor’s wife, and mama. Arlington, Texas.

Jen has done it AGAIN. This book wrecked me, challenged me, and as always, she oh so eloquently made me laugh. Christian or not, this book is for YOU. Thankful for Jen’s words. I’ll reccomend it to everyone I know.

~ Embo; Blogger and Lover of Chipotle. Keller, Texas.

This book hit me right between the eyes with truth that was both convicting and stretching. I am walking away loving others and myself on a new level. My highlighter ran out of ink by chapter 3!

~ Brandy, Marriage Therapist, Humor Enthusiast, Grass Valley, CA

As challenging as turning 40 and yet as forgiving as your favorite stretchy pants, this book quickly became my go-to place for life-altering inspiration. You will laugh and cry your way closer to your Savior (and his people!) while being reminded of the care he has for you, one page at a time. There is truth, beauty and hilarity waiting for you inside this cover-be prepared to read it all the way through. You won’t want to put it down!

~ Andi, Professional Child Wrassler and Lover of Jesus, Atlanta, GA

This book helped me find my vulnerability and heart again. Jen’s words made me realize that loving people IS enough! She made me laugh hysterically and cry intensely. For The Love really put God’s abundant Grace in perspective and I cannot wait to share this book with reckless abandon!

~ Brenna; Wife, Mommy, Blogger & Lover of ALL.THINGS.CHOCOLATE. Post Falls, ID

In a culture that insists that women do it all, Jen dismantles the illusion of perfection in exchange for grace and love. She lifts the burden with humor and authenticity. For the Love makes room in our lives for what matters most: our relationships—relationships with our God, families, husband, kids, friends, and neighborhood. It’s a no-brainer—this book will change the way you live your everyday life.

~ Laine Alves; Communications Director, Wife, Mom, and Lover of People. Sacramento, CA

This book is truly like none other. It is funny, insightful, and nourishing. Jen speaks on the Kingdom in a way that needs to be part of our everyday conversations but intersperses moments of levity and full on laughter that matches the depth in a way that I think only she can do. I cannot recommend this book enough for anyone who needs a laugh or a lesson on what Kingdom living is all about!

~ Stacey Lynn Drake, Kingdom-Seeker, Book Reader, and Over-thinker

Read this book and release your weary soul. Jen’s words reminded me that God’s love and mercy is available to each of us as a filter in which to accurately view the social media model of perfection with which we are constantly confronted. The timing of this book is perfect. In a world seemingly starved of tolerance, grace and understanding, For The Love provides much needed encouragement for us all. I suggest you buy this book, put on your favourite yoga pants, get comfy and prepare to laugh and cry until your soul heals.

~ Meredith, Mum of 6, Blogger, Business Owner. Sydney, Australia

For The Love is more than a book, more than essays, more than words. It is a launching pad to freedom, growth and grace. The honesty and raw candidness in the stories Jen shares is both soulful and sacred. There is no way you can not be impacted by this book.

~ Heather; Wife to Jeff and Homeschooling Mom to 4 littles. Livonia, MI

It’s rare to find a book with such well written humor yet filled with raw honest truths. Jen makes a personal connection that inspires her readers to choose grace and live out love. The stories woven through each chapter are like parables bursting with practical applications that run spiritually deep. “For the Love” is a must read for anyone whose ever wondered how to love their neighbor, their family and everyone in between.

~ Jemelene Wilson, Columnist, Blogger, Pastor’s Wife and Mom of Two Miracles, Roseburg, OR

This book will set you free.

~ Rebecca; content coordinator with and SPIRIT 105.3, Seattle, WA

Through For the Love Jen took my hand like a best girlfriend and ripped up the imaginary score cards I’d been keeping on myself.

~ Melinda Mattson; Late night blogger, fan of hearty laughter, hot bread, and jeans that fit. San Antonio, TX

Jen has the rare gift of crossing dividing lines; whether you’re a devote Christian or green in your faith you will feel like she is talking directly to you. With authenticity and humor, Jen shows us how to do this; love. At a time when I felt like I did not deserve Christ’s love, Jen’s words left the page, filled my heart and saved my life. This book will speak to you, no matter where you are on your Faith journey.

~ Bryna; collector of moments, wrangler of littles and pie’s biggest fan. Jacksonville, FL

No book, other than my Bible, has more underlining. Jen’s words are refreshing, uplifting, funny, and encouraging for women in all stages of life. It’s like having your best friend, a cheerleader, a mentor and a spiritual leader on your nightstand! I can’t wait to share this with the women in my life.

~ Valerie Kushnerov, Single mom of 2 teenagers trying to live a life filled with authenticity and gratitude. Goleta, CA

For the Love isn’t a soft speak directive to love, but a hearty dose of what it looks like to do just that. Reflecting on the seasons of life, she offers the encouragement of life experiences to reach your honest balance, worthy of God’s calling in this present moment. Her humor is sprinkled everywhere, and her raw devotion to living a life of honest vulnerability is both inviting and challenging. For the Love is a fast read only because you won’t want to stop until you have inhaled all of it. For the Love is fresh air for life.

~ DK, Blogger, Author. Schwenksville, PA

This book arrived during a season of struggle in my life- God felt distant and unreachable. Jen’s words reminded me- through humor, tears, and shared experiences- that I am not alone in my faith, my marriage, parenting, and life. I am stunned that there are people who don’t yet know Jen Hatmaker- and I’m hoping this book changes that. She’s like the perfect beer on a spring evening.

~ Becky- Lover of office supplies, coffee mugs, Jay-Z, and photography. She blogs a little and procrastinates putting up laundry a LOT. Winston- Salem, NC

Thank you for writing this book just for me. That was so sweet of you! Reading For the Love was just like having a coffee date with my BFF (in the waiting room of my OBGYN’s office).

~ Ashley; Wife, Mom of almost 3, MOPS Coordinator, Wannabe Writer. Tallahassee, FL

“Jen’s loving hilarious truths inspired me to dig deeper and go higher in my own faith. I loved how she “goes there” everywhere! For the Love touches upon many heart matters, because they matter. No topic is off the table. For the Love is full of powerful verities: “quit trying to be awesome and instead be wise,” “we got this together,” “everyone is good at something,” “Face your issues with courage sister,” and “Let’s lay down our junk.” I loved every word!”

~ Georgette Beck; Writer, Speaker, Teacher of all Heart Matters.

Jen Hatmaker has done it again! She’s read our minds and our hearts and written a book to see us through the ups and downs of this life. Through humor, encouragement and straight talk, she strives to help us find the grace we have been given by God but somehow misplaced along the way. Buy this book, find a table and some girlfriends and dive in deep with Jen – it might pull you out of complacency and comfort but you won’t regret it!

~ Alicia, pastor, amateur blogger, professional coffee shop dweller. Schaumburg, IL

This book is a love letter, a warm hug, a home-cooked meal, a reality check and a sanity vitamin, all in one. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you won’t wear tights as pants! But, you will come away feeling like you just had the best girls weekend ever: energized, inspired, challenged, accepted, loved….with a full heart, a full tummy and armed with “inside jokes” to keep laughing about for weeks! Read it again and again, and share the love with a friend, #FORTHELOVE!

~ Heather Brady, Toddler Wrangler, Queso Queen, Austin, TX

Full disclosure: Jen Hatmaker is one of my best friends. We haven’t met, of course, and she couldn’t pick me out of a crowd even though I have bright red hair and am hard to miss, but this book – these words – have endeared her to me in a way reserved for only MY PEOPLE. Jen has written honesty, grace, and the greatest kinds of truth here: YOU need to read every letter and let each one soak into your bones. Join our little band of ragged beauties, won’t you? I can’t wait to see you on the road (and I just know Jen can’t either) because this is a healing and refreshing journey, and we need you with us – for the love!

~ Bethany Beams; Friend, Wife, Mom, Doula, Photographer, Reader, Musician, and Napping Hobbyist. Gaithersburg, MD (at the moment)

Well done, Jen…well done! Jen Hatmaker books open your eyes to an understanding and passion on topics that you never realized before and For the Love is no exception.

~ Carroll Wife, Mother, Owner/Provider Caring Kids Home Child Care, Fridley, MN

For The Love will have you laughing until you snort (I’m not the only snort-laugher, am I?) and marking your favorite pages with your gut-wrenched tears. Jen Hatmaker speaks to every woman; whether she is on fire for Jesus or not sure how she feels about religion at all. Jen’s words allow women to firmly grasp the grace that allows us to be who we are meant to be, embrace the goodness that is inherently inside each of us and let go of the lies that the world would have us believe about ourselves.

~ Stephanie; Blogger, Writer, Doer of all the Mom-Things. Norman, OK

The right book at the right time unlocks your heart to get you in the right place! Jen’s humor and candor, grace and humility will speak to you right where you are living, and her words of truth will position you for freedom. For the Love is launching a movement of transparency that will echo with this generation!

~ Deedra; Youth Mentor, Educator, Worship Leader; St. Louis, MO

For the Love is a must-read book for any woman who is overwhelmed, overcommitted, and feels like nothing she does is enough (#everywomaneverywhere). Jen Hatmaker says all the things about all the things in her wonderfully witty way that will have you laughing out loud in the doctor’s waiting room (#awkward), and then nodding along in agreement (#preach), and then shedding tears of relief as you realize her words to be true and suddenly you find your first taste of freedom as grace washes over you. You’ll feel as though Jen is your new best friend and she is speaking truth and love and wisdom into your life, showing you how you can live an abundant life free from overcommitment, guilt, shame, and sin; growing in love and deep relationship with your friends and family members. She will give you renewed hope for the church, especially if you have been hurt by church people in the past. If you are weary and heavy-burdened, her book can help lighten the load as she points you to Jesus, the Giver of rest.

~ Joana; writer, singer, and crazy about Jesus. Frisco, TX

This book is a giant hug on a day when you just need a little more grace to make it, a gentle “sit down and have a cup of coffee” when you need a break, and a good laugh right when your patience is running out and you need a reminder that some things need to be taken seriously and some really just aren’t.

~ Sarah Varland; wife, mom, author, Lover of the Outdoors and Coffee. Anchorage, AK

Every chapter of this book feels like a conversation with one of your oldest and dearest friends – one of those expansive talks that stretches late into the night as you linger over one more cup of coffee. There are deep peals of belly laughter, healing tears, some hard truth, and encouragement – oh, so much encouragement. These conversations are so good that they have to be shared, so I’ll be recommending For the Love to everyone who has ever lingered with me.

~ Amberly: Youth Pastor, Worship Leader, Dog Lover. Columbus, OH

Jen’s words are so necessary in today’s world. She’s like your best friend, she makes you feel like you’re not alone, she makes you laugh until you cry, and she slaps you the truth when you need to hear it. Jen writes with so much heart and courage all the while running the race right next to us,cheering us on and building up a generation of powerful, brave, kind women who believe in Jesus’ call and take it seriously.

~ Nicole Case, Teacher and sassy 30 something who loves Jesus but cusses a little. St. Paul, MN

“For the Love” belongs in the hands of women everywhere; it is empowering, witty, brave, and delves deep into the female heart. Through the honest (and often hilarious) words of Jen, we are called to move and embolden and strengthen one another with love. I have been blessed beyond blessed by this book: tears, laughter, and all.

~ Amanda; college student, literature nerd, aspiring educator, and self-proclaimed caffeine addict. San Angelo, TX.

What a freeing read this book is! I’m so grateful for the words in this book, it is exactly what my soul needed. Pare down your life to grace and all else will follow suit. I look forward to sharing this message in my everyday life.

~ LaRae; wife, first time momma, lover of encouraging others, exploring the outdoors, & following Jesus. Austin, TX

When I read Jen’s writing, I feel like I have a friend in my living room. She just gets my life and the world I live in. Her ability to tuck poignant, grace-filled truth into rich humor often has me shouting, “Yes!” while begging for more admonishment. There is something for everyone in this book, from the leery, faith-seeker to the seasoned church leader.

~ Disciple Maker, Boy Wrangler, Champion of Women and Cheerleader of Men

Y’all… do not open this book unless you are ready to be wrecked by the gospel. We all need a truth-telling cheerleader like Jen in our corner! She will send you from laughter to tears so quick you’ll have whiplash. Grab a giant cup of coffee, some comfy pants, and a highlighter, and get reading!

~ Hannah Card; Wanderer and wonderer, passionate pursuer of Jesus, coffee connoisseur, and beginner blogger. Mechanicsville, Virginia.

Reading “For the Love” is like curling up with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with Jen Hatmaker right beside you. Her writing is insightful and funny, filled with stories and tales that get to the heart of so many issues we women face. Jen is authentic and open with her own struggles, eliciting the same from the reader. “For the Love” will free a generation of women and help us to create community with those we see daily and those we only know on Facebook.

~ Leslie; Foster Mom, Social Worker, Recovering Diet Coke Addict, and Overly Passionate Lover of People. Oklahoma City, OK

Jen Hatmaker’s “For the Love” is stellar. You will not find another bunch of words put together that make you want to Love God, Love others, and fight for scandalous grace like this book does.

~ Tomi; Wife to my Hero, Mother to a child in College, Kindergarten, and Preschool, Freed up daughter of The King, Professional People Watcher; Lover of Junk, Texas, stretchy pants, big hair, gathering my peeps, feathering my nest, books, and glitter. Fort Worth, TX

In this book, Jen Hatmaker will guide (and nudge) you with patience, hope and courage to places where change and real growth occur. Prepare yourself for more laughter and tears than you might imagine. Get ready to make room in your life for more love, more community, more Jesus filled moments, more real-life and less of the things that matter least. Spoiler alert: to all my friends, expect a copy of “For the Love” as my next gift!

~ Lisa; truth seeker, blogger, meditator, wife, mother, friend and yarn collector. Rockville, MD

Look, I try to do too much. I beat myself up for not following through with all I “should” be doing, for my mothering skills (or lack thereof), and my old lady hands. And for the love… Jen’s book reminds me to stop trying to be so much and be grateful for all I have been given. To keep priorities to what counts. To love the stage I am in… Even those old lady hands. And embrace the grace I have been given. Given simply for the love… This is definitely a must-read for all of those who “try” to be more than you are! It encourages you to just “be”.

~ Tammy; Mommy, Blogger, and Coffee Appreciater. Las Vegas, NV

For The Love is a game changer for the church. Jen has a way of making even this ill-equipped, introverted, former out of control party girl feel like she still has an important role in this world. A reminder of what unexplainable amazing grace we’ve been given, this book will bring you ugly tears and hearty laughter in one crazy swoop. She speaks truth in love: love for all people and most importantly, love for Jesus.

~ Delia Jo Ramsey; Transformed Thirty-Something, Messy Wife, Restaurant Critic (excuse to eat). Prosper, TX.

For the Love is a live-giving breath of fresh air in a suffocating world of perfectionism and #FirstWorldProblems. Hatmaker keeps it real, speaking hard truths with great love and laughter.

~ @annielaurie; Love Jesus, @brnwltrs, Food, Music, & Travel. Missing Memphian. Honorary Georgian. Adopted Buckeye. I had 3 babies in 3 years = Mayor of Crazytown, USA.

LOVE this book. I smiled. I laughed. I was convicted. I gave “fist pumps” in my head to Jen as I read. I would of bought the book just for the words & heart of chapter 3! Thankful for Jen’s heart for Jesus & love for us (just regular people trying to live out our lives for Jesus) which shines through the words of this book. Now… off to read it again – with a different color highlighter this time around!

~ Michelle; wife of a pastor, mom of 4, co-owner of Imagine Goods- where we empower through employment. Lancaster, PA

In this refreshingly witty book, Jen invites us to embrace this crazy life we lead and to live our lives worthy of the calling that God has placed on us. For The Love is for women of all ages and in all walks of life. Jen made me laugh out loud as I read about being an imperfect mom, fashion do’s and do not’s, and dealing with difficult people. Once you start reading this book, you will NOT want to put it down!

~ Jennifer Goodwin; Wife, Homeschooling Mom to a bunch (4) of boys, Blogger and Lover of all things teenage, caffeinated and chocolate. Memphis, TN

For the Love’ gave me a real and authentic glimpse into loving myself, my kids, husband, friends, and neighbors in a genuine life-giving way. I was reminded to not sweat the small stuff and rather, simply, love instead. That is my calling. Jen’s best book yet!

~ Brandy, Marraige and Family Therapist, Humor Enthusiast, Grass Valley, CA

Speechless! Jen crafted a potentially world changing masterpiece in these pages. Grace-filled, honest and freeing collection of the confusing, messy, touchy, difficult, and hilarious aspects of life with Jesus at the heart of it all. Highly recommended to the “churched”, “unchurched”, “wounded”, or anyone in between.

~ Tara; Mom, Blogger, and Soon-To-Be Grad Student. Canal Fulton, OH

This book has it ALL, man! If you’re ready to be freed, challenged, encouraged, and called out on a few things, then read this book. Jen reminds us to let go of unrealistic and worldly standards and to examine our own hearts and live out the gifts God has given us during this season of life. Get ready to laugh out loud and shed a few tears as you learn to walk confidently in your choices with “no regrets, no apologies, and no guilt.” This book will be a reference book for me because it’s one that is ridiculously practical, covering all aspects of life. I even made my husband ready some of it!

~ Amilee Sanders; Mother of 3 small children, Church Planting Wife, Blogger. Northwest Arkansas

Almost too fab for words, it speaks right to my core! This book will have you crying, dying of laughter (seriously to tears), and saying hallelujah I am not the only one that feels that way!! Jen made some convicting points throughout this book, but good conviction because for the love we all need that from time to time!! This is a book not to pass up sista’s!! Bust a move and get it!!

~ Jennie Woelpern; Book addict and Blogger @ajourney4life, Kentucky

Jen writes what many of us think, but does so with wit, grace, and a deep desire to breathe life into her readers. You will find yourself laughing while being challenged to step outside of the rigid boundaries you define yourself by. I loved every page I turned. For the Love, so will you.
This book will bless your socks off, if you do not laugh them off first.

~ Michelle, Certified Life Purpose Coach and writer. Lubbock, TX

This book was like a breath of fresh air for my heart. Seriously. With each chapter I read, it was like boulders were being lifted off my shoulders and they were replaced with freedom. It’s a book that I will be buying and passing out to friends, family, and complete strangers.

~ Maddy; amateur author of the Jackson Memoirs blog, wife, and a child of a God who accepts my messy life. Charleston, SC.

Read this book, but not in public… unless you are okay with being the only one laughing out loud in a silent room or ugly crying at Chapter 11 while other people pretend not to stare. If you are okay with those things, then you should totally read this book in public. Otherwise, I recommend good coffee, comfy jammies, and a locked door.

~ Emily Donehoo, Writer, Speaker, Actual Human. Broomfield, CO

Challenging and hilarious. I read this with a highlighter, a laugh, and a thoughtful introspection. Highly recommended!

~ Katie, avid consumer of books, Louisville, KY

If Jimmy Fallon and Ann Voskamp birthed a literary love child they’d have to name it ‘For the Love’. It is with off-the-charts hilarity, Jen Hatmaker had me belly-laughing with such topics as Leggings as Pants and thank you notes to Twenty-Something Celebrities. Yet, weaved within the humor, there’s a deep cry for all of us to recognize our humanity, to serve one another without prejudice, and to use our God-given gifts to bless the world. I finished the last page with a renewed sense of God’s grace which empowers me to love all people ~ my quirky, messy self included.

~ Danielle Brower; Wife, Mom, Lover of Love, and Orphan Advocate

I laughed out loud (literally!), cried, and nodded my agreement all the way through For the Love. Jen’s humor and conversational style hooked me immediately and I felt like I was chatting over coffee with a beloved friend. Jen has addressed important topics here like giving our kids Jesus and participating in effective short-term missions and I’m thankful for her input into these conversations. I can’t wait to recommend For the Love to all the women in my life!

~ Sheila Stover; emoji addict and author of Soul Coffee for Moms. Izmir, Turkey

Like a fly on the wall of the heart of this generation, Jen knows us. She buzzes into our lives with practical, relevant truth. Read this book, laugh and cry with it, then live it. This message will change hearts, families, churches and nations. It makes me want to run and love people- all the people.

~ Gina Grizzle; pastor’s wife, homeschooling mama,musician,creator of things. Jonesborough, TN. Blogs at

This book is hilarious and honest. Jen’s candor about life and faith is so refreshing. Thankful for her message- it is helping reshape a part of the Christian culture that could stand some updating.

~ Mandy Santos; Pastor’s Wife, Mom of 5, Writer. Santa Clara, CA

Jen’s “For the Love” was a completely encouraging, challenging, and laughter-inducing read. No matter age or stage in life, “For the Love” will encourge you to embrace who you are and show you areas where you need to grow, all the while appealing directly to your sense of humor. I highly recommend this book for all women. You will be uplifted!

~ Cydney; College Student, Culture Fanatic, and Lover of Pizza. Little Rock, AR

Using her usual wit and charm, Jen Hatmaker has opened the door for much needed conversations that are relevant regardless of your phase of life. So gather ‘your people’ with this book and start living life together.

~ Sarah May; hater of sound pollution and Blogger at,

This book is simultaneously a soothing hilarious balm & sobering jolt to the spirit. These are the kind of words we all need to breath deep. Let them heal you and be released to live free, sweet Jesus-sisters.

~ Carrie Brown; Wife, Mom to 4 great kids, and Blogger at She is currently residing in Danville, VA.

I came for the love of comedy and the strife of parenting and growing older…I stayed for the big, big love.

~ Jennifer; Secular, Low-level Government worker, avid-ish cyclist and writer wanna-be. Port Huron, MI

Jenn and I have just had best chat as I read ‘For the Love.’ Her commentary on womanhood and pop culture is encouraging and transparent…with the perfect amount of wit! She pens good words for Christians living in this church culture, advising on everything from the next generation’s heartbeat to true biblical community. She reminds us that we can’t possibly do everything well, and she’s cheerleader in the things we must do well. A great read for women of all ages and life stages.

~ Christine; Wife, Mom, Web Designer, Crossfit and Coffee lover. Birmingham, AL

I turned the final page of For the Love and immediately wanted to share it with every woman I know. Jen has her finger on the pulse of our generation, proving herself a capable leader for a revolutionary return to the basics: unity, grace, encouragement, affirmation, love. This book will be read and re-read, bookmarked, quoted, referenced, and cherished for years to come.

~ Courtney; Stay-at-Home Mom and Wife, Strong-Opinion-Haver, Amateur Philosopher, Bentonville, AR

Jen helps us imagine a world where women tell the truth. Where we remind each other how smart and capable and good, and yes, a little cracked up we are. A world where we let each other, and ourselves off the hook a little bit because we’re all human and need a little help. Where we listen a bit more closely and maybe, just maybe, hear a voice that is shouting that we are enough, we are valuable, we are so very loved. No matter what.

~ Heather Henderson; mama of 2 littles, wife of a brilliant computer nerd, associate pastor, lover of baseball and biscuits. DC suburbs

Jen’s transparency is refreshing, her humor is side-splitting, and her honesty is beautiful. You will laugh, relate, and be challenged to live more intentionally. There are so many nuggets of wisdom in this book. Truly something for everyone.

~ Brianna Sweet; Woman, Wife, Mom, Reader, and Cross Fitter. Gig Harbor, WA

I would recommend this book to anyone solely for the chapters on Fashion and Thank you Notes. But those are really just the tip of the iceberg. I love how this book covers a wide variety of subjects, all being tied together by the powerful thread we all so desperately need; Grace.

~ Brianna Sweet; The girl next door who loves to read, write, cross fit, and dance. Gig Harbor, WA

The ebb and flow between the shallows and depths of life are so effortlessly navigated in these pages that one does not know exactly why they are crying: laughter, heart cleaning or healing. Through her honesty and genuine self giving, Jen is able to make the reader feel like they have been dear friends for years. This unique gift opens up a safe dialogue of honest revelations she has worked through and desires her readers to take time to consider. Her heart is for you, and you can feel it.

~ Melinda; Wife,Mom of 5,Eclectic Creator,Girl from Mn who hates being cold

I can’t say enough about how real, affirming and challenging this book is. There are so many things here I wish someone would’ve spoken into me years ago. My life as a JESUS-follower…as a person in general would have been so much richer. The fight for grace is necessary, and I’m challenged all the more to wage that war as a result of what Jen has written here!

~ Chris: Husband, Pastor, & Fan of Great Books. Rogersville, TN

I giggled,cried,and plucked chin hairs in my rear view mirror while wearing yoga pants. Jen reminded me that 40 is awesome and grace is a gift. She just gets it,love this book!

~ Melissa,CEO of Domestic Affairs,social media slayer, and all about that bass. Austin, TX

In For the Love, Jen Hatmaker sits down on your porch (or studio apartment couch) and delivers truth with the perfect combo-strike of “been there” humor and challenging calls to action. The truth she tells? In this crazy, speed-and-success-obsessed world, there is hope. There is grace. There is us. And we are what God will use to bring the hope, if we believe we, and He, are enough.

~ Jill Richardson — writer, speaker, champion of underdogs and clinger to grace. Chicagoland.

Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love is the perfect combination of honest wisdom and wit. Her words will leave you with a deep desire to truly embrace your community, to pour out grace, to love and to dig in deep to wholehearted living. Jen simplifies things that we have made so insanely complex and leads us toward healthier living and happier hearts!

~ Krista; Mom, Wife, Teacher, and Jesus Follower. Yucaipa, CA

Jen has a way of mixing truth with humor (and a few recipes!) that is refreshing, and For the Love is full of both. Whether you’re single, married, a parent, a man, or a woman, there is truth in this book for you. Buy it now. You won’t regret it!

~ Julie: Wife, teacher, and occasional blogger. Olive Branch, MS

Every woman needs to read this book! Jen gives us the honest truth in a way only she can; you will embrace what she says and laugh out loud throughout the book. Reading this book is like having a conversation with your best friend. Jen encourages women to stop the comparison game and be themselves, use their gifts, love others, and love Jesus. And, for the love, do not wear leggings as pants!

~ Dana Herndon; teacher, writer, wife and mother. Winder, GA

Jen has such a unique gift and God is using her mightily in this broken world of ours. She, once again, has written a book that cuts right to your heart with truth, grace and humor that, if it doesn’t make you literally laugh out loud, you must be sick. or dead. She helps us to look straight at Jesus, look into His loving eyes, and let the rules and craziness of this world fall away.

~ Courtney Cassada; daughter of the King, wife, mom, blogger, runner and lover of sweet tea and brussel sprouts. Ashburn, VA

If you’re looking for a book that will talk at you or bore you, put this one down. Go ahead and walk away. But if you enjoy the occasional use of ALL CAPS, writing that will make you cackle out loud, and a message that is both encouraging and challenging, then continue on, fellow reader. Jen has written pure gold in this book.

~ Kaitlyn Bouchillon; writer, lover of loud laughter, addicted to queso. Birmingham, AL.

This book is a reflection of how the Bible tells us to live as Christians – brought to life with both humor and heart. It will touch you deeply in places you may not have realized needed touching, and it will literally make you laugh out loud. If you don’t know Jesus yet, you will love how much you connect to the words on the page. It’s very literally a must read for our generation!

~ Amy Wiebe; Jesus Follower, Mom of Three, Wife of One, Church Planter, Finance Director, Lover of Sarcasm – in that order. Lakewood, CO

Jen Hatmaker calls herself spicy, but her words are sweetness for the soul. True, comforting, and challenging words.

~ Emily, Abilene, KS

Say hello to the one thing you’ll want to give every woman you know who has ever worn yoga pants because life is too much for pants without Lycra. It is perfect for to lift you up, remind you you are not alone, make you laugh until you need to change said yoga pants (the struggle is real momma’s), and bring you back down to center. Marriage tips, life tips, friend ideas, how to say no, when to say yes, and when to just admit you don’t care. It’s all here folks. For the love, just don’t wear leggings as pants.

~ Colleen: seamstress, baker, and cute child maker. Mansfield, TX

For the Love is an amazing book that will make you laugh, cry and bring you closer to Jesus. Jen Hatmaker finds a way to reach the tender heart of women in a busy world who need to know that they are loved by the Savior without all the theology and preachy words. This book made me feel like I was sitting across the table with a close friend and just talking about life.

~ Megan Lowmaster, Oregon.

This book is filled with so much truth, wisdom and encouragement that, as soon as you finish it, you will immediately want to start reading it again in order to glean more. And you will love it even more than the first time!

~ Megan Byrd; Blogger, SAHM. Acworth, GA

This book jumped into my world and within seconds had me both laughing and crying. Jen encourages women and shares the truth in a way that allows you to almost audibly hear her cheering you on. This book has also inspired me to give more love and grace to others and myself because #forthelove we’re only human.

~ Katelyn: teacher. coach. friend. aspiring runner. happy crier. Holland, MI

With laughter, honesty, and insight, Jen has ultimately inspired me to be intentional about extending grace, being kind, and loving others…just like Jesus. For the Love, is a must read!

~ Shelly — Determined Techie Loving Wife and Mom, Boy-Band Fanatic, Milford, NE

For the Love is entertaining, heartfelt, insightful, and completely on point. Jen’s humor is riddled throughout, tackling “difficult” subjects like leggings, parenting, and girlfriends. I laughed, I cried, and the phrase “for the love” is forever in my vocabulary. Every woman I know would benefit from reading this book!

~ Amber; Writer, DIYer, Purveyor of Coffee. Oklahoma City, OK

Love is the only thing that lasts. It’s what it all comes down to, after all. In Jen Hatmaker’s newest book, she reminds us that loving ourselves, loving others, and loving God well are what makes this one beautiful life worthwhile. And along the way, she makes us laugh out loud about stretchy pants, turning 40, and our kids’ homework–and don’t we all need that, For the Love?

~ Angie Brown Brand Editor and Freelance Writer; Birmingham, AL

This book has reached me on so many levels. It has helped me grow closer to the Lord, and also given me ways to reach those around me. I feel very connected to Jen after reading this. This is very enjoyable and thought-provoking, and a great book for everyone!

~ Brandee–bibliophile and pizza aficionado, Dawsonville, GA

Full of advice, humor and compassion, Jen Hatmaker has written a book that will challenge your heart while making you laugh out loud. Beautifully written and hard to put down.

~ April; Jesus follower and Instagram addict. Annapolis, MD

Jen Hatmaker doesn’t hold anything back in this honest and straight forward gathering of words. It’s hilarious, authentic, and shared with the genuine closeness of the best of friends. For the Love is cleverly crafted, intentionally moving us all in the direction of what truly matters…love.

~ Karen; pastor’s wife, momma to 3 beautiful girls, teacher, and guilty of always needing 1 more minute in Hobby Lobby, Sulphur Springs, TX

Once again Jen has broken me down and built me up all at the same time. Reading this book is like exhaling after holding my breath for a lifetime; releasing myself from the stress of imagined expectations and just settling into God’s love and grace for all of us. It’s the perfect mix of humor, honesty, and discomfort that inspires me to go forth and love well. Cannot wait to talk with my friends about this book!

~ Leslie; Aspiring Blogger, Wife, Mom, and Expert Procrastinator, Frisco, TX

“I hope you close the last page and breathe an enormous sigh of relief. I hope you laugh out loud because you just got free.” (Intro pxiii) Jen, you nailed it sister. Sigh of relief, laugh out loud, FREE.

~ Alison Stow, RN, mom, fitness coach. Lover of people and their words. Norman, OK.

Pull up your chair to the table, and make yourself at home. The conversation will bring grace to your life and laughter to your soul. Thanks, Jen, for inviting us in. (And be sure to make the Beef Bourguignon–it is amazing!)

~ Raleen: Newly retired. Loving the past, eagerly stepping into the future. Kaufman, Tx.

Finally! A book that puts words to all the “big feels” of my heart! Loaded with humor, Jen shows how loving well can set the world free from loneliness, comparison, unrealistic expectations and leggings as pants. Her words will challenge and encourage you to love your people deeply!

~ Kelly; Mom to 3 and wife to 1, Household Director of Growth and Development. Grand Rapids, MI

Jen’s words challenged me in ways I didn’t expect. Her passions and cares and thoughts are contagious. You will find yourself quoting her and not even knowing it! I’m already reading it a second time.

~ Kristin; Ginger, Recovering Good Girl, Southern Yankee. Apex, NC

With truths tighter than her hair bun and thoughts freer than the air we breathe, Jen Hatmaker has once again reached into my chest cavity and captured my heart and soul. It is as if she wrote this book, For The Love , for me and for every woman (ok, fellas will love it too) who has ever lived and breathed. If you are into laughing, being inspired and maybe even trying new recipes then you must read this book, lament that it’s over so quickly, and then read it again.

~ Stephanie Kandray, Sometimes Blogger, Most-times Mom, Winston Salem, NC

“For the Love” reminded me on every page that the story we tell with our life matters! This book contains words that will make you laugh out loud and words that will tear into your soul. I am excited to have another go-to book to give away to friends and family.

~ Emily; Writer, Dreamer, and Obsessive Book Collector. Bloomington, IN.

Surrounded by a culture constantly demanding women of more, Jen reminds us of what God truthfully asks of us, and spurs us on to run our race. It will challenge your thoughts and invite you into the community of women trying to make it all work, just like you. If you are looking to be reminded of your purpose, this book is for you!

~ Hailey Liew; Wife, Nurse, and Avid Bookworm. Dayton, TN.

This book is more than a bunch of funny, poignant words. It’s a people connector. Jen reflects on everything from yoga pants and making dinner (these people need to eat every night?!) to parenting with grace, while offering encouragement to let out a deep breath and embrace the richness of life. This message of intentional acceptance no matter what season of life you are in pulls people together and binds hearts. For the Love is about community. You can help but want to share it with the person sitting next to you and the neighbor down the street.

~ Kelly Buddenhagen, homeschooling mom, blogger, and unabashed iced coffee addict, Breinigsville, Pennsylvania

Truth, beauty, and goodness are often assaulted, yet Jen through laughter and tears reveals they are not lost. These pages, which are full of insight, captivate the reader; calling to you to read just one more chapter. I am counting down the days until this book is available to everyone – it is a must read for all!!

~ Melissa; Lover of Jesus, Wife, Mama and Friend. Bixby, OK

Jen Hatmaker is a brilliant storyteller. Her uncanny ability to shed light on what matters, combined with her perceptive insights, fabulous sense of humor and unorthodox view of modern Christianity had me laughing out loud and performing fist pumps as I read. Every page bears witness to her unshakable belief in the fundamental truth that we are precious in His sight….and that when we embrace this concept, we hold dear in our hearts all the brothers and sisters who comprise this beautiful, messy family we call humanity. For the Love is a must-read….for everyone.

~ Rebecca; Wife, Mom, and Big-haired Texas girl, author of The River Chick blog. New Braunfels, TX

Reading this book gave me permission to be me, to chill out with my expectations for myself in regards to parenting, to embrace my 40th birthday this year, to focus more on my relationship with God, my family, and my girlfriends. Be prepared to burst from the seams with laughter and possibly tears. Be prepared to have a reality check or two. If you start to think Jen Hatmaker is your best friend after reading this, you have just joined the For the Love team. Thank you, Jen (my BFF), for spreading love and laughter.

~ Heather; Homeschooling Adoptive Mom that Lives to Laugh Daily, Keller, TX

No matter what stage of life you are in or where you are at in your life journey, this book is for you! Every thought that you had that made you feel crazy and isolated, Jen addresses and leaves you feeling validated and understood. The entire book is like having a conversation with you best friend. Real, relevant and so funny!

~ Jeanna; Full Time Working Wife, Mom and Blogger, Springfield, IL

Through wisdom, humor, and poignant honesty, “For the Love” challenged me to love myself (and all the good and bad that goes with being me) so that I can be a woman that better loves my God, my family, my church and my community.

~ Leslie; Wife, Mommy, ER doctor, Runner, and Lover of all things spicy. Lafayette, CO.

Reading “For The Love” is like a huge exhale. With the perfect mix of humor and truth, Jen brings freedom to areas I didn’t even know were chained up. I now feel lighter and more equipped to run the race I was made for, even if my feet are trembling.

~ Alysa Bajenaru; Freelance Writer, Dietitian, Photographer, and Baseball Vagabond.

For the LOVE…Jen’s words pierced my deepest wounds and my quietest places. She has an uncanny way of teleporting in to my living room with a cup of joe in hand, her LAP/TAL’s on, Bible near by and us jumping both feet into what is the sweetest, deepest, heart pouring-out conversation you will ever have in your life. Her truth is undeniable and provides a freedom to “off the beam” the “unattainables” that this generations is constantly fighting to perfect. Absolutely one her best books to date….a no brainer for every woman!

~ Aly; Believer, Wife, & Momma with a freezer like Narnia! Huntsville, AL

Jen is an amazing author who knows how to talk directly to my head and heart. She gave affirmations like a best friend, advice like a family member, and shared her love like our God. My thinking has changed, and with it, my attitude and viewpoints. I will be recommending this book to everyone who needs a little grace in this world, and will be giving it as gifts to many of my friends. Thank you, Jen!

~ Christine; Mother, Teacher, hopeless perfectionist. Akron, CO

Thanks to Jen for putting into words what I haven’t been able to verbalize yet. This is my heart. Jesus kids, difficult people, Haitian moms…I can’t wait until everyone I know can read this book!!

~ Kelly, wife of 1 and mama of 3, Household Director of Growth and Development. Grand Rapids, MI

I could not put this book down. I finished this book in less than 48 hours and of course loved it. This book made me laugh and cry, but most of all Jen continually pointed the reader back to what matters most, Jesus.

~ Allison Ramsing; Academic Advisor, Blogger, and Greeting Card Designer. Oregon

With her characteristic humor, Jen’s words made me laugh throughout this book. At the same time, she delivers profound truths about living a rich life of grace, free from guilt and shame. She’s like that smart, fun sister that everyone loves to spend time with. After reading this book, you’ll feel encouraged and ready to embrace your fellow sisters in Christ.

~ Writer/Blogger

Grab some tissues and settle in for some hilarity and raw honesty. This book will speak to your core and challenge the way you view the world. I cannot wait to read it again!

~ Claire; Theology Nerd, Wife, Mommy, Baker, and Instagram Foodie. Houston, TX

Through laughter, tears and truth, Jen urges us to reject the unrealistic expectations of our culture and reclaim our lives. She gives us all the permission we’ve been dying for: say no, be you, and love fiercely.

~ Sarah; Military Wife, Homeschooling Mom, and Breakfast Connoisseur. Oklahoma City, OK

This book flows with words of grace, wisdom, and the perfect balance of humor. As I read it I felt like I was sitting down with a mentor over coffee and then snorting out my coffee as I laughed until I cried. I can’t recommend it enough.

~ Lindsay; blogger, teacher. Raleigh, NC

The words of this book are woven together with grace, wisdom, and humor. I found so much freedom and truth among its pages. “For The Love” deserves a place on every woman’s nightstand.

~ Lindsay; Mother, Blogger, Teacher. Raleigh, NC

It’s not often I stumble upon a book that makes me laugh so hard I cry and moves my heart to change. Jen brings humor and depth of insight into many different issues facing women today weaving the message of hope and love through it all. This book is a must read for all women!

~ Heather; loves Jesus, my family, and coffee. Louisville, KY

What a refreshing perspective! It renews the spirit like a day spent with best friends. Just the right amount of humor, tear-jerking, and honesty.

~ Rebecca: Mother, Teacher, MOPS Ministry member. Colorado Springs, CO

Thank you Jen for belly laughs, tears, delish recipes and the truth. This book is your best ever. “Without love, we are totally bankrupt.”

~ Jen, wearing many hats in Austin, Texas.

I felt like I sat at the table with a close friend, exhaling with much needed conversation and left empowered that my life really does matter and we really can do this and do it well.

~ Terri Fullerton, Blogger at, Teacher, loves to laugh and talk to my dog

This poignant, timely, and hilarious book is a must read! Truth spills from the pages providing encouragement, challenge, freedom, and restoration. It is a breath of fresh air that will make you equally laugh, cry, nod, and think.

~ Alaina; Mama of a Spicy Family, Blogger, and Chef Wannabe. Indianapolis, IN

I’ve never read a book that made me want to be a better Christian, cook Pad Thai, and re-think my fashion choices all at the same time. Jen’s words and her humor are truly an instrument of the Lord and it shows in these pages. I want every woman in my life to read this book!

~ Torrey Blogger, nurse-turned-mommy, Army Wife Nashville, TN

Christian or not, this book is a FANTASTIC read. Nearly every chapter will challenge you to reach out, serve, encourage, & engage with new friends and old neighbors in meaningful ways. Meanwhile Jen’s humor provides “commercial breaks” that will leave you laughing hysterically, wiping tears, and turning pages. No one but Jen Hatmaker can brilliantly deliver sound theology and fashion advice while issuing a call to women to extend overwhelming love & radical grace to themselves and others. The words on these pages have the potential to make us all better.

~ Nichole; Military Wife, Homeschool mom, Blogger, and Wannabe Writer of Important Words. Potentially Homeless in Hawaii, USA (Because PCS)

This book will not change your life. Trust me. Only Jesus can do that. But he might just use this book in the process of transformation. He did for me – and I was laughing so much that I didn’t even mind.

~ Bekah; preacher and mum of two. Cambridge, UK

Do not read “For the Love” on an airplane unless you have a stack of these books to hand out to everyone around you. How else will you explain the snorts of laughter, tears running down your face or exclamations of “YES!” that are the inevitable result of reading Jen Hatmaker’s latest offering. Jen is the perfect traveling companion: the girlfriend who encourages you, believes in you, makes you laugh and makes you think. I was challenged and inspired by her belief that we can all be part of bringing about God’s Kingdom here on earth. I will be recommending this book to all my friends!

~ Kelly Johnson: Writer, Speaker, Counselor, Advocate, Blogs at

Jen’s authenticity and genuineness is refreshing. From beginning to end, I found words that dared me to live free.

~ Jody; Jesus Follower, People Lover, St. Joseph, MO

Jen Hatmaker has done the impossible: written a book that simultaneously heals your wounds and breaks your heart, and both in all the best ways. This book will make you laugh, make you cry, and turn your life upside down and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

~ Annie Carlson; Farmer, Wife, Mama, and Maker of Good Food. Mercer, ND – God’s Country

A must read for all generations. Meeting everyone from the freshman in college to the first-time-mom— challenging us all to give ourselves grace to laugh in our struggle and the freedom to face our fears. You will laugh out loud and hear Jen’s feisty and funny words in your head, reminding you to live lives full of love. If you’ve ever found yourself distanced and angry at God and the church, please pick this book up and see that Jesus is so much more than the white steeple of guilt. He is in the words of this book, He is alive, He is authentic and he loves you.

~ Brandi Ebersole // Beverly, Massachusetts // Blogger of “The Ebersole Tribe” // Adoptee and Adoptive Mother // first lady at Ebersole Photography

I wish I could put a copy of this book into everyone’s hands. This book breathes grace and love along with humor and sensitivity. Jen has shared such an important message about the freedom we have in Christ to love and be loved. I loved each page of this book as I alternately cried, laughed, and pondered. Thank you, Jen…truly a timely and much-needed book right now.

~ Erin; Momma, Blogger, Wife and Lover of Ohio State and Guacamole. Rochester, NY

This book made me both laugh and cry hysterically. Sometimes at the same time. Jen gets that community is what makes life worth living, and she shows you how to do it with grace and honesty. Even if you live in yoga pants with spit-up on them and have never baked a cake from Pinterest in your life.

~ Carey Gregg; Writer, Editor, Mom, Wife, Christian, and Lover of fun, beauty, intelligence, wit, and margaritas. Magnolia, TX

Jen Hatmaker has the unique ability of making you feel like you’re gathered around her kitchen table, sipping on coffee, and talking about real stuff; i.e. how to properly wear yoga pants, make a killer meal, extend grace to your people, quiet the voices of those pesky insecurities, and for Heaven’s sake have some friends over and enjoy this life! Her heart is pure gold, her motives can be trusted and her humor will leave you wanting more. I’m a fan for life and by default my husband is too!

~ Amy Austin; Full-time SAHM, Part-time Speaker, Blogger, and Conference Coordinator for New Beginnings Ministries, Frankfort, IL

When I was little my mom would disguise my medicine in yogurt and I would gobble it down. Jen Hatmaker has managed to accomplish the same thing in “For The Love”. She has wrapped up much needed wisdom and truth in the tasty goodness of her fun and sassy voice. No matter what season of life you find yourself in, there is plenty of deliciousness for you to find in the pages of her latest invitation to join the conversation of faith and culture.

~ Erin Woods; Dreamer, Blogger, Youth Pastor, and Vagabond Soul that has yet to Wander. Houston,TX

Jen Hatmaker draws you in with her humor, welcomes you into her perfectly imperfect life, and challenges your views of family, friends, fashion, and faith. For the Love offers tools and insights for everyone from the lifelong Christian to the why-bother skeptic to experience balance, hope, and love amidst the crazy. Join Jen for a hysterical ride that will leave you challenged, hopeful, and with a better understanding of the Gospel.

~ Kristi Roddey; Editor, Wife, Mother, and Kitchen Dancer Extraordinaire. Lexington, SC

Jen Hatmaker is one of those rare writers who makes you feel like you’re sitting across the table from her, sipping hot tea. She writes like an older sister who’s going to tell you just how scary the world can be but also where to find all the sweetness in the bitter parts of life. This book gave me hope that I can be exactly who God made me to be and THAT is enough.

~ Jessica Feeley; Story Teller, Chai-lover, and Dream Pursuer. Tulsa,OK.

I opened this book thinking it would read much like any other book I’ve read about grace. Instead, I was met with a surprising dose of witty humor, big gulp sized truth telling and a matchless amount of love. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, from you don’t believe in God, to you are burnt out on God, and everything in between, Jen meets you right where you are. If you’re going to read one book on grace, make it this one.

~ Aubrey Stout; mom, writer, artist, and curator of love. Atlanta, GA

For all who have felt like not enough, Jen pours out grace and offers love. For the Love is an invitation to unravel the complicated striving we chain ourselves to and instead hold tight to loving neighbors and the world.

~ Lisa Van Engen; a mom, writer, and encourager. Holland, MI.

Imagine you’re at your lunch table in school, and all of a sudden the most popular, funny, pretty girl comes up and sits down beside you. And then you start talking about everything – Jesus, your favorite jeans, how to make friends with the girls at the next table. That is Jen Hatmaker and this book.

~ Brooke; geektastic marathon-running beer snob. Sevierville, TN

This book was a sandwich of emotions for me! From laughing out loud to streaming tears, ‘For the Love’ is a great work of laughter, wit, wisdom, and encouragement. Jen has captured hearts with this book, reminding us not only to show grace to others, but to ourselves. Now the only thing we need is a group bible study, so we can share with others what Jen has taught us!

~ Ashley; entrepreneur, gardener, Jesus lover. Cameron, MO.

“For the Love” is the perfect book for the grace-starved chick. Sit. Consume these words and be nourished by them. The words herein are one huge relief after another. Grace.

~ Carrie Brown; God’s girl daily learning to live Free, wife, mom to 4, and Blogger at Danville, VA

This book is one huge relief for the soul after another. It’s the perfect combination of laugh out loud hilarity and a soothing balm to a tattered soul. Real life stuff here, girls. It’s all grace. Swim in it.

~ Carrie Brown; God’s girl learning to daily live Free in Him, Wife, Mom to four, and Blogger at; Danville, VA

Jen brings life, laughter, and truth in her honest to goodness desire to be real. She spreads wide her arms and loves all tribes through her words. Readers cannot help but to be challenged and encouraged by her faith-walk. Her humor shoulders the load that life deals, and gives wings to the Brave in each of us- calling us up to higher ground (and longer shirts) despite our BIG FEELINGS.

~ Erin Shafer; Wife, Mother, Blogger, and Lover of all things Ketchup. Lawson, MO.

The Church is at a crossroads. We desperately love Jesus, but we have forgotten how to love like Jesus. Jen Hatmaker is standing at the crossroads and, with For the Love, she is pointing the way. With loving honesty and brilliant humor, she is calling us to not only love Jesus with our whole heart, but to use our whole heart to love the world.

~ Tricia Klein; Wife, Mom, Transitioning Missionary, and Professional Organizer. Santa Barbara, CA.

I want to buy this book for all my people! Jen made this girl who hasn’t been drenched in Jesus her whole life feel so comfortable…so welcome. It’s just this great story about love – how it shows up in all the places, how it’s right within our reach if only we’d extend a hand…just like He taught us all along. And you will LAUGH…for the love! Jen said,”I’m hoping to lead a tribe that does more healing and less hurting.” You knocked that one right out of the park, sister!

~ Pamela Anne; Artist, Educator, life loving optimist twirling about the garden in KC

I was once told that the only question we will be asked at the gates of Heaven is, “Did you know you were loved?” With this book it is clear that Jen Hatmaker has made it her mission to ensure we can all answer that question with a resounding, “YES!”

~ Lori; Children’s Ministry Director and Family of 5 (plus dog) CEO.

Thank you Jen Hatmaker for writing this book. I think everyone needs to experience the laughter that makes you pee in your yoga pants, cry until the box of tissues is empty and be inspired to a buy a dutch oven at midnight on a Tuesday (I am so thankful for Amazon Prime). You have turned the Southern polite way to curse into so much more. Here’s a fist bump. For the Love, your new BFF.

~ Gwendolyn, covered in God’s grace, lover of good wine and novice in the kitchen. Durham, NC

If heeded, this book could change our culture. My fervent prayer for all women is that they read For The Love and find freedom. In doing so, they will remember their gut instinct women’s wisdom and never forget it. Thank you, Jen Hatmaker, for writing this guide to speaking up, laughing hard and loving well.

~ Amber G.; Entrepreneur, Blogger, and Advocate of the local Church. Wichita, KS

Jen’s well-timed words speak hope to the exhausted and truth to the deceived, attacking the lie that perfection is the standard by which we are all deemed worthy or not. You’ll want to settle into this book with a glass of sweet iced tea or a mug of strong coffee – just be careful not to spill when you throw your head back in fits of laughter on one page, shed tears on the next, or when yet another page inspires you to grab your pom-poms and shout out a cheer. When you turn the last page, you will have learned to walk as children who are loved simply because their Father says so. You will go out and hold hands and hearts and doors because taking care of your siblings is what loved people do.

~ Sheila Taylor; Holder of Hands, Pens, and Coffee Cups, Nampa, ID

#forthelove of Jen, go get this book! If you want to experience a full range of emotions in one sitting, this sure delivers! Jen once again has given me hope, humor, grace and a boost, lifting me up to walk strong in faith. Her relatable stories feed my unsure, seeking soul that simply wants to share the love of Christ with the world. Thank you, Jen, for showing this stop light hair plucking chick how to wholeheartedly live and love like Jesus wants me to – the very best I can with Him leading me on!

~ Tammy – Imperfect overcomer, encourager, grace giving-chocolate loving servant of Christ. Stafford, VA

Jen is off the hook! For reals, yo. It was refreshing and convicting to read these words and truth, but she somehow did it in the most loving way. It gave me all the feels! This book really ties the room together.

~ Loyce; Teacher, Life-long learner and Book Devour-er. Allen, TX

Jen Hatmaker is the real deal. I have had the honor of spending some time with Jen, and I am inspired by how she cares about people with a fun, genuine and intentional love. For The Love awakens you to bring more love and less hurt to this generation and the next, and it makes you laugh so hard your Starbuck’s chai latte shoots out your nose! Jen’s humor is contagious, and her honesty and vulnerability invite you to a freedom we all long to know. For The Love changed my life, and it’s a book you will read over and over and be filled!

~ Dana Martin; Organizing ninja, Dreamer, Surfer, Grateful for Jesus, my family and books like this that challenge me to love fearlessly. Mt Pleasant, SC

This book made me feel ALL THE THINGS. I laughed, cried, prayed, “amen”-ed, and was refreshed. Jen brings important, heavy subjects to light but still keeps us entertained- what a gift! This is an important book for today and for the future of the church. Everyone should read it!

~ Karli; farmer’s wife, health enthusiast, beer snob. Waco, TX

I opened this book as a person who identifies as Christian, but is turned off by Christian culture. After reading a big dose of life advice dispensed with love and humor, I closed For the Love with a better understanding of what it means to show love to myself and those around me and the permission to dismiss all the rest as “horsecrappery.” This should be required reading not just for those looking to lead a better Christian life, but a better life in general.

~ Holly Garin; Passionate life-long learner and sometimes blogger at; Denver, CO

Give this book a bullhorn. Jen’s provoking and honest words induced tears from inspiration, encouragement, and laughter. This book is a breath of fresh air that covers the profoundly deep and the refreshingly simple. You will want to start reading it all over again as soon as you finish it.

~ Emily; Grateful, Tired, Lover of People and Laughter and Words. Encinitas, CA

Jen reminded me that people are more important that material items or success while on earth. For the love of my fellow humans, I will strive to live her message out.

~ Liz; play therapist, curriculum writer, and teller of corny jokes. Wichita, KS

This book changed the way I view faith, grace and relationships. With laughter Jen takes us along as she takes God out if the box and shows us how to live Jesus. It doesn’t matter who you are- this is a must read.

~ Robin – Wife, Mom, Grammy, Marketing Gal, Blogger and Hope Filled Grace Livin’ chocolate & Diet Coke addict. Roanoke,VA

A hilarious, yet meaningful dialogue on everything from leggings to raising kids to supper club to vulnerabily. Jen Hatmaker affirms the weary woman and challenges us all to rethink how love transforms our lives.

~ Susan Hunt; wife, boy mom, pediatric PT, runner, faithful coffee drinker, and expert Pinterest pinner. Greeley, CO

I began reading this book at a time when I knew God was calling me to swim in the deep waters with Him. But I felt like I was already 8 feet under, gasping for my next breath through a coffee stirrer. Jen’s words offered me a set of water wings, a towel for the tears and mason jar full of sweet tea. With every chapter, I floated along – buoyed by grace and a deep desire to grab hold of this one life I’m given and make more of Him and less of me. (*leave it to Jen to top off that tea with a colorful umbrella… for the love!)

~ KariAnn; wife, momma, friend, Children’s Minister, Spotty-Blogger, Fairy-Godmother to many and Seeker of Chips & Salsa! Houston, TX

For the Love is a full-on freedom manifesto. Weaving effortlessly between hilarious commentaries on the horror of Leggings As Pants and extraordinarily intimate heart issues like marriage, parenting, and the church today, Jen speaks truth in a way that whispers, “courage, dear heart!” In her own voice, in her own way, in her own time, she reminds us that Jesus brings the freedom she celebrates, that we can celebrate too, and that this good news meets us in every single moment of life.

~ Kristi James; writer, blogger, church planting wife, and mom with a big personal bubble and a heart of gold. (Actually, just a big personal bubble.) Asheville, NC

Jen Hatmaker gets it right! She is real, embraces her gifts (especially her humor) and will encourage you to embrace yours while imparting wisdom and words of Jesus in the most loving way. I couldn’t put this book down and received so many good nuggets. I promise you will fall in love and will have new behaviors (with cute sayings to match) in your daily life. Grab this book for an encouraging, thought provoking, read with your new BFF, Jesus mentor, big sis, Jen!

~ Carrie Himel, Entrepreneur, mom of 5, and wannabe mermaid Frisco TX

As a minister’s wife, working women and mother of three, this book was just what I needed. I laughed and cried my way through this wonderful book. Jen does an excellent job of helping me know that as a Christ follower, I will still hurt, still scare and still heal! She has helped me find balance in all of those demanding aspects I call LIFE! Thanks Jen & may God continue to use you to inspire women!!!

~ Natalie; Homeless Shelter Director, mother, and minister’s wife. Mountain Home, Arkansas

No one ties wit, humor and truth together like Jen Hatmaker! I laughed until I cried reading about the American tragedy of tights, leggings and yoga pants, and flat-out cried reading about how Christians treat each other, knowing we can do better. I devoured this book, particularly encouraged to “run my own race” as I enter a new stage in life. For the Love is perfect for any woman, but especially those who are overwhelmed by thinking they need to do it all. This was the challenging and hilarious breath of fresh air I needed!

~ Nicole, St. Louis, MO

For the Love had me at the subtitle, “Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards,” which is timely for everyone. Dare I say Jen’s book reminds me a tad of Tina Fey’s Bossypants or Anne Lamott’s Traveling Mercies? Reading it was like listening to a hilarious and trusted truth-telling friend. Jen covers many of life’s challenges and rewards, all unpacked with humor, depth, love and grace.

~ Sarah, Wife, Stay at Home Mama, and Lover of Handwritten Mail. Wichita, KS.

1) Just what this world needs– A marriage, parenting, humor, slash cookbook written by a reality TV star. No, seriously. Jen Hatmaker, speaks right to the heart of this hashtag-laden, meme-perpetuating culture with timeless truths that heal and revive souls weary of the relentless pursuit of perfection. This book is just what this world needs.

2) Before you read this you will need to: 1) Get a carton of pens and highlighters, 2) Do finger and wrist exercises to strengthen your highlighting hand, 3) Do nothing else, read it as soon as possible (but only if you want your heart to be free and your life to be deeply rooted and fruitful).

~ Anna Carpenter, Cute Baby Maker, Expat Spouse, and Amateur Book Endorser, (currently in) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

This book is a breath of fresh air. It cuts through the foggy malaise of millennial, Western Christianity and gets us back down to brass tacks: love Jesus, love people. Each word is spoken with humor, wisdom, and a refreshing dose of harsh, unpolished reality. Every overbooked, frazzled, desperate-to-be-Pinterest-perfect woman needs to read this book and prepare to let out a big sigh of relief!

~ Kimberly; Speaker, Writer, Educator, and Brand New Mom. Columbia, SC

Freedom. For the ones who are always trying, but never feel like they’re enough. Jen speaks freedom in her always hilarious, mostly serious way in this poignant collection of essays on a refreshingly wide variety of topics. I find myself continuing to ponder her words in my everyday, mostly mundane, but somehow miraculous life.

~ Anna, Stay at Home Mom, Wife, Recovering Legalist, and Lover of Jesus and Dessert. Winston-Salem, NC

Endorsement 1
In a culture plagued by comparison and apathy, we are often left to wonder, “Am I the only one?” Jen Hatmaker is the friend who leans close, takes your hand, and whispers, “Oh, no. Join the club, sister.” Undeniably hysterical and courageously authentic, For the Love calls us to acknowledge that the Church is not found in a building, but in the mirror.

~ Carlee; Title I Teacher, Young Lifer, & Bacon Aficionado

I never expected to find a job description by reading Jen’s new book. Not only did I find a simple mission statement for each day’s living, but empowerment, humor, freedom and joy to do so…for the love. For the love of Jesus and all the people He made in His image. Jen’s words have clarified that greatest commandment we are summoned to and our hearts can rest in.

~ Monica; Blogger, Fashion Stylist, and Encourager.

If I could describe this book in one word, it would be FREEDOM! Before reading For The Love, I felt as though my approach of life and loving others was too simple. Jen’s words have given me permission to not only live life, but to thrive in my giftings. I will be sharing this beautiful, heartwarming, challenging and absolutely hilarious book with everyone!

~ Amanda Wissmann; Beloved. Wife. Mommy. Church Planter.

From beginning to end Jen had my attention completely. I laughed, cried, reminisced of days gone by and caught a glimpse of days to come. I learned that even in the midst of trials, growth, and changes, there is always room for a few “Thank You Notes” and fashion fails to keep us laughing. My view of family, church, and God was stretched and it encouraged me to look deeper into what really matters and how I can be the best wife and mom to my “Tribe”. I recommend taking the time to stop and read this little adventure, you won’t be disappointed!

~ Katie; Creator, Planner, and Fabric Hoarder. Ramsey, IL

For the Love is therapy for your soul. Jen Hatmaker taps into her spirituality in creative ways by discussing the popular topics of today, weaving witty interjections throughout. Be prepared to laugh-out-loud! She writes just as she speaks in her conferences; you can actually hear her voice jumping off the pages! For the Love should not only be in your hands, but also in the hands of every person you know and love!

~ Cathy; Blessed Wife and Mom, Family’s Cheerleader, Savvy Negotiator, Stoked Traveler. Rockwall, TX.

In For the Love, as only she can do, Jen Hatmaker draws you in, makes you feel as though she’s a dear friend sitting across from your dining table with a cup of coffee, and tells you like it is. Her humor and wit, along with her truth and wisdom, lead you through a conversation that feels familiar yet challenging. This book is a must read for everyone wanting to fill their lives with less stress and more grace.

~ Stephanie Lloyd; Mom, Blogger, and Pizza Freak. Garner, IA

Reading For the Love, feels like a conversation with a friend over coffee filled with laughter and depth. In this book, Jen answers many of the questions I would want to ask her over parenting, her love for others, faith, and the church. I view Jen Hatmaker as a mentor to the next generation of women, mothers and Christians. She uses her writing to inspire and challenge all the while making you laugh.

~ Lauren Douglas; wife, mother, lover of Jesus and coffee, & blogger. Forney, TX

For the love; this book met me right where I am. It confirmed my own journey in receiving the fullness of Christ’s grace. I found myself loudly “Amening” to an empty room as I devoured Jen’s words; finding them inspiring, hilarious, and challenging. I highly recommend this book as everyone will benefit from the beauty and inspired words that Jen shares.

~ Brianna; Speaker, Social Media Conversationalist, Encourager, and Fan of Wild Colored Hair. Nashville, Tennessee

Want to have a conversation with Jen Hatmaker? Then read “For the Love,” a book that displays Jen’s passion for Jesus and people. This delightful, rich bouillabaisse (French origin, meaning “boiled down”) comes seasoned with humor. I laughed till it hurt and cried till I felt much better because Jen writes from her heart and her voice resonates with readers of all ages. I enjoyed every bite of this delicious (sometimes satirical) social commentary and can’t wait to share this conversation with friends.

~ Revised: Carol F; Wife, Mom and Gran, Former BSF Teaching Leader, 2008 graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary, Bible Teacher and speaker, Mentor to young women, Photographer, Blogger who loves to connect with people through the written word. I also do needlepoint. Š Lubbock, TX

From the first sentence to the last, Jen’s words met me where I am. I found myself cheering, laughing, crying and occasionally hungry for Beef Bourgeon as I devoured each page, each sentence, every word. No matter where you find yourself in life this book will meet you there; encouraging, inspiring and challenging you to the call of Grace. I look forward to the conversations sure to be started because of, “For the Love.”

~ Brianna; Social Media Conversationalist, Encourager, Speaker, and Fan of Wild Colored Hair. Nashville, Tennessee

Somehow Jen Hatmaker makes words more beautiful, powerful and funny. Her humor and transparency is vividly showcased in every chapter. I laughed, cried and made several loud and mildly inappropriate noises as I devoured this encouraging, inspired, and challenging book. For the love; pour yourself a glass of wine, get comfy in your “crotchless yoga pants” and enjoy saturating yourself in grace through this exceptional read.

~ Brianna; Social Media Conversationalist, Encourager, Speaker, and Fan of Wild Colored Hair. Nashville, Tennessee

This book got to the heart of several matters with humor, truth, and love. It has changed my outlook on being a woman, mom, wife, and child of God. I’ll read it over and over and I can’t wait to share with my friends!

~ Jennifer; blogger and super-mom. Hopkinsville, KY

Only Jen Hatmaker can keep you saturated in grace with her wisdom and love of things being on and “off the beam”, yet leave you in stitches with the coining of new phrases like “crotchless yoga pants” and “manpris.” Her words meet you where you are…no matter where that place may be. I laughed, cried, cheered and was challenged by ,”For the Love.” I devoured each page in joy and excitement of the conversations to come from this book that will inevitably happen all over the world.

~ Brianna; Speaker, Social Media Conversationalist, Encourager, and Fan of Wild Colored Hair. Nashville, Tennessee

I am the Mum of grown children, and I cannot tell you how much I wish For the Love had been around when they were small. Jen has written an absolutely wonderful book – full of great wisdom, hilarious moments and challenges to stretch us all. We never stop learning and I am delighted to recommend it to you.

~ Linds: Mum, Moregranny, Blogger, Friend and teacher of tech things to even older ladies. Northampton, England.

How do you adequately describe a book that one second has you crying from eruptive “pee your pants” cackling and then the next from a freeing release of unnecessary weight? How do you justly convey in mere sentences a work drenched with both Jen’s and Jesus’ heart across each page through refreshingly honest, loving, hilarious, valid, bold Truth telling? The answer, you don’t. You just let this call to Freedom and Love talk for itself, because it will. Jen’s new book has no “perfect” description, category, or place, except into the hands and the hearts of everyone; just be sure to bring the tissues, a Southern to English Dictionary, and some fresh under pants.

~ Erin Cox; “World’s Most Okay Mom/Wife”, Amateur Coffee Connoisseur, Hope Spreader, and one mercifully redeemed Daughter. Aurora, IL.

Grace for others AND for me?! Jen Hatmaker was able to breathe love and laughter into my life through this book! For the Love reminds us all to have grace with each other and ourselves, making it so relevant and needed in the lives of women today. The Jesus Kids chapter is so powerfully convicting that I can’t wait to put it in the hands of everyone I know!

~ Lauren; Mother of Four, Cooker of Dinner. San Antonio, TX

It is so exciting to read a new book which manages to teach life changing truths while making you shriek with laughter. For the Love and Jen do just that. A wonderful book – you will love it!

~ Linds; Mum, Moregranny, Blogger, Friend and teacher of techy things to even older ladies. Earls Barton, UK.

This book has really helped me to see and celebrate a job well done. It has instilled confidence in me, to be who I am uniquely made to be, and to RUN. Thank you Jennifer, for inspiring us to see ourselves in a new light.

~ Jessica Wolfe, Producer, Blogger, Coach, Lake Orion, MI

The truths in these pages are for everyone. It doesn’t matter where you are, or where you’ve been. With humor, Jen Hatmaker provides some life-changing keys. Keys to help release us from the prisons in which we’ve locked ourselves and those around us. You’ll finish the last page with tears in your eyes, laughter on your lips, and greater freedom in your heart to love Jesus and others well.

~ Stephanie; Unbelievably blessed pastors wife and momma, songbird, and farm-girl at heart. Vancouver, WA.

Reading For the Love felt like sitting down at the kitchen table with Jen. She writes with love, authenticity, joy, honesty, and courage. Her words evoked laughter, tears, and questions. Why should you read this book? For the Love!

~ Michelle, Teacher, Writer, Blogger, Reader. Leesburg, VA

Reading For The Love is like having a conversation with your soul sister/best friend in the coziest little coffee shop. It’s the type of conversation that deals with relevant questions for everyday life, but you’re in a safe place where you can freely express yourself. Jen Hatmaker masters this feeling with For The Love, because with this book she’s expressing her own vulnerabilities first and making it okay for us to do the same. After reading it, I knew this was a book that I would want to share with all the women I know and love!

~ Brenna Staats; bibliophile, blogger, and future lawyer. Ontario, Canada.

I cried, laughed, was challenged and felt vindicated often while reading just one paragraph! I can best sum it up my thoughts on “For the Love” with this quote from the book. “We have beautiful lives begging to be really lived, really enjoyed, really applauded – and it’s simpler than we dare hope.” I am grateful for this poignant reminder and I think I know what all my girlfriends will be getting for their next birthday – for the love!

~ Cheryl Moses; Women’s Ministry Leader, Lover of God, Crafting Guru and sporadic Blogger. Houston, Tx

Warn your friends and family that you will start stimulating conversation over meals once you start this book! Also warn them that they will see you laughing, crying and possibly saying things like “that is sooo off my beam”! It goes deep on our “church” perspectives, but then also provides plenty of lighthearted moments and stories that will have you saying “For the love…”

~ Jen G, wife, mother, and working nerd who always gets the lyrics wrong. Outsourcer of Ironing to the descriptive list. Knoxville, TN

At our very core, we all want to be seen and accepted. So often in our society we place pressure on ourselves to be and do everything, all the while wondering when we’ll be called out for the fraud we truly are. “For the Love” calls us to something greater in true Jen Hatmaker fashion. Hatmaker gives others the freedom to laugh and love themselves in the truest sense by holding a mirror first to herself.

~ Kathy; wife, momma, friend, and neighbor, learning to live out the love of Christ in the everyday. Tacoma, WA

Jen has the extraordinary gift of writing in a way that draws the reader into relationship with her. Her sincere authenticity forms a bond of relatability and trust. As you ponder both the zaniness and intensities of life together, laughter and tears will flow, all while feeling you are having coffee with a friend, nestled deep in her couch pillows. Finishing this book is similar to leaving that friend’s home with a deep sigh, dorky smile, and a desire to love well.

~ Melinda; Wife, 5 Kids’ Mom, Eclectic Creator, Mn Girl Who Hates Being Cold.

Jen Hatmaker writes with truth, honesty, and humor about real life. This book challenges you to look at your life and realize that God wants more for you. It doesn’t shame you into change, but holds up a mirror, with love, and says, “Look here, friend. See what Jesus wants you to see. Know what Jesus needs you to know. Love yourself like Jesus loves you.”

~ Sarah; Air Force wife, mom of five, lover of faith, freedom, fun, fitness and family. Tucson, AZ

For the Love is Jen Hatmaker’s love letter to women everywhere. Like a good friend, Jen speaks to us with authenticity and gentle truth about perfectionism, transparency, and running the race set before us. Her wonderful advice about extending grace to ourselves and others opens us up to care for people the way Jesus did. I want to add this book to the personal library of every woman I know.

~ Becky; Army Wife, Mom of Three, Teacher of Tiny People, Temple, TX

With the hilarity, sentimentality, and straightforwardness that few writers can combine so well, Jen Hatmaker reminds us that it all comes down to love. Alternating between laugh-out-loud stories, soul-stirring conviction, and tugs at our heartstrings, she brings us a message that we need to hear, in a way that makes you feel as if you’re sitting right across the couch from her. There is grace enough for us all, and a God who gives it abundantly.

~ Amanda; Wife, Mama to 5, and Jesus follower. Grand Rapids, MI

Jen Hatmaker’s book “For the Love” will change your heart and world. She tells it like it is with honesty, humor and love. You feel like she is right there with you laughing, crying and hugging all over a cup of coffee. It’s so life changing all my friends will get this book as my gift. BE YOU, BE KIND, LOVE JESUS.

~ Kelly Ruark; Mom, wife, friend and volunteer with a servant’s heart. Sparta, MI

These words could not be more timely. If you want “BIG FEELS,” this book is for you.

~ Heather A.; Homeschooling mama, lover of Jesus, brave baker, and curious chef. Fort Worth, TX

How ironic is it that I made my endorsement notes on the Chapter 17, Quirky? So relatable, down to the love for Flo Rida! Jen has scored a touchdown as big as the state of Texas with this gem. This book convicted me, had me in tears, cracked me up (you should see the notes I’ve made in the margins) but most of all, it made me feel human. C’mon August 18th…I’ve got friends and family who are beyond ready to get their own book!

~ Jamie B; Free Smile Giver, Servant and Jesus Gurl with Curls, Millbrook, AL

You remember it well- that perfect meal shared with family and friends filled with laughter, tears and memories added with the tough decision to savor each bite or to devour the entire thing….that is what “For the Love” is like. Reading through the book, I found myself laughing along and saying “YES! Jen KNOWS me and my crazy family/ friends/church/ tribe/ fill-in-the-blank” flying through page after page only to read a paragraph or even just a sentence where the truth was so raw and real and I had to put my book down to digest the gospel Jen had shared. This transformed me, not immediately (because, well, I am stubborn) but it happened. I reached out to other women to start a Supper Club (all of which, to my naive surprise were craving the same thing!), knocked things like dolphin shaped sandwiches off my beam to make room for THE important things, found joy again in making Brussel sprouts for my family and friends and For the Love have checked every pair of my yoga pants and leggings I own for “Appropriateness”. Dear Reader, if you want to laugh until you cry, then ugly cry because it’s all you know to do and desire to show “grace in a world of impossible standards” and change the world/ your family/ community/ home/ church, then please For the Love, read this book, it will both satisfy and delight you.

~ Shea; Executive Director, Mom to Many, Coach to the Women in Prison, Friend to the Peeps on the Outer Edges. Princeton, KY

As I read these powerful words, sometime out loud, I could feel them soaking deep into my heart. I started the book feeling disconnected but realized the loneliness I felt was not my own, but every woman’s. This book shakes loose the lonely and leaves you seeking your tribe! Jen spoke directly to me and I cannot wait to see this book speak to the hearts of others!

~ Kamryn Schill; loud laughing, big feeling, t-shirt wearing, lover of words. Janesville, WI

For the Love is like a friend putting their arm around your shoulder and saying, “Let it go.” Your perfectly clean house, ever-precious family, and picture-worthy cupcakes? Let it go so you can focus on what’s truly important: loving the people around you well with lots of laughter and grace. No matter your life stage or background, Jen’s newest book will hit home as she gives you permission to let go and love well.

~ Anna; Event Planner, Foodie, and Justice Seeker. Grapevine, TX.

For the Love of ME! Jen’s snappy, yet simply hilarious truth about everyday life left me grinning from ear to ear and I could not put this book down! My husband was so curious, I found him secretly reading it! For the Love reminded me that my everyday, is really the work of the King, disguised as normal life. Her writing kindled my passions, lightened my load, and empowered me to just be who I am—ME!

~ Jen Ruble; Social Runner, Beach Bum, Adoptive Mama, Jesus’ Girl. Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

Bible studies and church-y stuff have never really been my thing. Jen’s words make me laugh, cry, and really think. This book has met me in my messy places, filled in the places I am incomplete, and made sense of all the frustration and hate that corrupted my heart. I am better because I read it, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone I know and love.

~ Stefanie; mom, wife, Jesus lover, and drinker with a writing problem. Fort Worth, TX!

“We need to quit trying to be awesome and instead be wise.”-Jen Hatmaker For the Love is both awesome and wise. It is like sitting around the table with your best girlfriends, sharing a cup of coffee or a glass of wine laughing, crying, eating, thinking, and praying together. Thanks Jen for your beautiful, truthful and humorous words. Can’t wait to share this book with a glass of Cab at supper club with my tribe!

~ Perri Verdino-Gates; Wife, Mom, Writer, Advocate for the Homeless, and Wine-loving Italian Girl. Austin, TX

Of the countless hundreds of books I’ve read over the years, none have left me feeling as refreshed as For The Love. The hope and laughter etched throughout the pages are a needed breath of fresh air for a weary soul and tired heart. I cannot recommend this book enough; such wisdom, simplicity, and a pure joy to read! For The Love, read this book again and again until it becomes the very fiber of your being!

~ Tara Davis; storyteller, children’s minister, and bloodhound wrangler. San Angelo, TX

If only it were as easy to lose the 20 pounds around my waist as it was to, after reading this book, the 20 pounds of resentment I had built up in my heart. This book does offer a good workout in hearty giggles and tears of joy. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for encouragement, love, and overnight abdominal muscles from continuous laughter.

~ Stefanie; mom, wife, Jesus Lover, drinker with a writing problem. Fort Worth, TX!

This book is good for the soul. It encourages the reader to accept the freedom that grace brings, to find the beauty of an imperfect life, and it grants the gift of saying “no” without guilt. The tears, laugher, and truth filled moments make this book difficult to put down and easy to read again and again. I highly recommend “For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards” to anyone, and everyone. I promise that you will have a hard time not sharing the goodness of this book with everyone you know.

~ Michelle; red lips, bare feet, wild hair, big heart. The City of the Village of Clarkston, MI

I’ve spent a good amount of time wondering what God’s purpose was for me, sometimes feeling like I’ve been missing God’s voice. For the Love spoke to me. Simply said but hard to live, I’m called to love others. Jen’s humor throughout the book made me laugh, but her bluntness and truth telling spoke to my heart. How great the impact would be on our community if everyone could read this book.

~ Katie Vale; stay at home mom, bargain shopper, lover of personal space and sweet treats. Chicago, IL

Just as Paul wrote to the new church and challenged them with relevant truth, Jen Hatmaker challenges today’s Christians to return to the true calling on their lives: LOVE. How do you fix broken communities, heal struggling families, quiet the voices of self-doubt, and turn unknown neighbors into friends? Through love and grace. This book is not for the faint of heart, but if you are ready for the gospel to be your pulse, and for Christ to be your life blood, pick up a copy. You will never be the same again.

~ Sarah; Air Force wife, multi-tasking mom of five, lover of faith, family, fitness, freedom, and old- fashioned fun. Tucson, AZ

Jen Hatmaker has a way of speaking to the heart of women with her unceasing sure to make you “laugh out loud” wit and authenticity. No matter what part of the journey you are on with God, you will relate to her fresh perspsective and find real life connections to take with you that are unforgettable and life changing. Come in, kick up your spiritual shoes and sit a spell, GRACE as found a home in the voice and writing of Jen Hatmaker. Your heart will be inspired!!!

~ Michele; Storyteller, Wordsmith, Bible Teacher, Encourager of Souls, Chuy’s Conosieur Wife/Mama and Jesus Chick- Houston, TX

I read For the Love while sitting on beach as my children watched the tide pools. As the ocean washed over what appeared to be lifeless rocks – color, vibrancy and life emerged. I recommend this poignant, hilarious book for that reason, as Jen’s words wash over you, your truest life will emerge.

~ Michelle; Mom of four, Pastor’s wife, Blogger, Lover of beaches, Hikes and Chocolate. A Brit living in Kelowna, BC, Canada.

Navigating through the brokenness of this world has become a daily reality. We need only to turn to our news feed to see the devastation of poverty, the reality of racism, and the presence of violence in our world today; we need only to turn to the mirror to see the evils of comparison, the fear of failure, and the crisis of apathy. Gird your yoga pants and hang on, dear reader; Jen Hatmaker is not in the business of ignoring these issues, nor is she in the business of wallowing in them. With undeniable humor and courageous honesty, For the Love raises the banner of grace and reminds us that the good fight belongs to those who show up with their hearts and minds open.

~ Carlee, Title I Teacher, Young Lifer, Bacon Aficionado

Jen’s book took what I had been ruminating over for a month and she put a big, fat period on the end of what I knew to be true in my heart. For the Love is familiar in it’s comfort, encouraging in it’s vulnerability, lighthearted in it’s humor, and challenging in it’s truth. This book is a reminder of what’s really important in life and what is not, for the love.

~ Courtney; Advocate and Introvert, Cooking my way through life. Rockford, IL.

“For the Love” belongs in the hands of women everywhere; it is empowering, witty, brave, and delves deep into the female heart. Through the honest (and often hilarious) words of Jen, we are called to move and embolden and strengthen one another with love. I have been blessed beyond blessed by this book: tears, laughter, and all.

~ Amanda; college student, aspiring educator, self-proclaimed caffeine addict, and seeker of Jesus. San Angelo, TX.

Great books are like great sandwiches – the perfect combination of ingredients in each bite. In her new book, “For the Love,” Jen Hatmaker strikes the winning combination of authentic, inspirational, charming, and fun. You don’t want to miss it!

~ Jinny McCall, Christ-lover, campus ministry leader, sonographer, and president of my husband’s fan club, Austin, TX

For the Love reminded me that I am allowed to feel all the big feelings in my heart, say the words “yes” and “no” with a firm and confident voice, and eat as much butter and cream as I darn well please! Even more than that, this book instilled a deep desire in my heart to lavish grace on others in ways that are so beautifully undeserving and desperately needed in this broken world. Each poignant (and hilarious) vignette Jen writes hits home because of her ability to bring everyone into the fold of friendship through the words of a novel. By the end of the book, you not only want to be Jen’s best friend, but you also want to change your little part of the world in big ways by fighting for grace for your people. I’m thankful for the truth and real-life perspective Jen shares and can’t recommend this book enough to anyone who needs a pep talk to realign their purpose!

~ Nicole; Higher Education Professional, Occasional Blogger, in dire need of good coffee and grace. Topeka, KS.

Though I grew up in the church, it was just two years ago that I encountered the beauty of grace. So I have some re-learning to do. Jen’s humor and wisdom helped me find and embrace grace in even more areas of my life! This message of freedom is one I am eager for us all to hear and pursue.

~ Rachel; Grant writer, church planter, and personality test junkie. Springfield, OH

In For the Love, Jen Hatmaker writes with both sincerity and humor as she encourages us to love people well. She is refreshingly candid about Christianity, motherhood, and the church . I was challenged to be a better me by extending grace to myself and others. I laughed, I cried, and I walked away inspired.

~ Kelly; disciple, wife, mama, and blogger at

There is nothing like the freedom that comes in being real, and not perfect, that allows us to walk in and extend God-breathed grace. What a blessing that Jen is bold enough to call out the reality of our every day moments in a way that only she can. Prepare yourself. This is a tear jerking, game changing, perfection destroying, can’t-breathe-cause-your-laughing-so-hard-you’re-getting-an-ab-workout spiritual reality check. #forthelove #bless #jenisms #you’vebeenwarned

~ Anne; Wife, Mama of 3, Lover of Jesus, coffee, sunsets, barn wood, and my boots. Skiatook, OK

This book made me laugh until I cried and made me ugly cry. Every word rings true whether you are a deeply committed believer or someone who often feels like they are existing on the outside. This is a book for everyone, not just those who go to church. If nothing else, remember this: be you, be kind, love Jesus.

~ Beth; Photographer, Writer, Writing Coach, Mom Brandon, FL

In For the Love, Jen Hatmaker’s animated and playful humor, and delightful transparency remind us it is in the messiness of daily life that God meets us with his inspiring love and endless grace.

~ Phillip M. Taylor, author of No More Dancing Chickens – Empowering Families to Stay Connected in a Disconnected World. Mountain Home, Arkansas

In For the Love, Jen Hatmaker expresses in delightfully humorous fashion what we all feel in the day to day of learning what it means to love God and love people.

~ Phillip M.Taylor, author of No More Dancing Chickens – Empowering Families to Stay Connected in a Disconnected World. Mountain Home, Arkansas

As women, we face numerous expectations each day. Reading For the Love left me feeling like I’d just sat down with my best friend and had an honest conversation about perfectionism, authenticity, and following the path God has set for my life. Jen lets us know it’s okay to be messy and imperfect; that Pinterest doesn’t own us. I desperately want to put this book into the hands of every woman I meet and exclaim “You are so awesome, you just don’t even know!”

~ Becky; Army Wife, Mom of Three, Chocolate Chip Cookie Connoisseur. Temple, TX

Jen Hatmaker is the best friend you wish you had. Reading this book is like having the best conversation of your life: you laugh out loud, cry out loud, share your dreams and frustrations, and offer grace, love, and reality check. Lighter than her previous work but as important, this book shows once again that strong community, respect of other’s experiences, and true love are what matters and what the Gospel is all about. Her books can resonate with anyone, anywhere and this one is no exception. Well done, good and faithful Jen!

~ Johanna; Lover of family, friends, books, wine, humanitarian, community seeker. San Diego, CA.

Jen, I felt like you must have spied on me when writing this book.My religious law-abiding fearful former self would hate your words. My current free ranging, fearlessly, God driven self loves how you have challenged me through. Every. Single. Word. Everyone needs to read the book, especially if you believe in wearing holey jeans with your sista’ who is downhearted over wearing your crispy clean Sunday best.

~ Elise; Writer, Editor, and Coffee Loving Mama. Traverse City, MI

“For those who accept and embrace change with the reluctance of honey pouring forth from a jar long undisturbed, this book will penetrate and cause you to question your comfortable (read God in a box here) ideas. Slowly at first, and then like a train wreck, Jen shares what will capture your heart and soul with her disarming (sometimes sarcastic) humor and relentless truth. What you will not fail to receive, if you pray for an open heart, is a fresh, bold look of how to “do” Jesus.” …for the love….

~ “Pen: blessed wife, mom, grandma marmi; Texas in my blood, Grace, mercy, and love recipient. Littleton, Colorado”

While reading “For the Love” you will start imagining yourself as one of Jenn’s best friends. She shares wisdom, stories, some recipes and you will laugh at times like you are sitting right in her living room with her. The only disappointment in the book is remembering you are actually in your own home.

~ Darla Baerg, wife, mom of four, Christian speaker and writer and Jenn Hatmakers imaginary BFF (for the love!).

In a world of seemingly impossible standards—perpetuated by hazy Instagram filters and endless Pinterest boards—we ALL need a good dose of grace, for ourselves and for each other. Jen Hatmaker’s latest book “For The Love” is exactly that dose of grace that we all so desperately need. Whether she’s talking real world theology, fashion failures (like Leggings As Pants aka LAP), pop culture, or family, Jen keeps it real and blesses the reader with her gifts of laugh-out-loud humor and a little tell-it-how-it-is goodness. It’s a lot of Jesus and a little Jimmy Fallon. It’s a grateful look at God’s love for us—and a call to love each other deeply and often.

~ Liv B Campbell; Blogger, Friend of Target, Coffee Enthusiast. Albuquerque NM

For the love is your must read Girl Guide! Jen ignites your appetite for authentic relationships and conversation over beef bourguignon where the pressures of life seem lighter with laughter. When you need a refresher on how to let go of the pressures of being a woman in today’s world, you will find it here. If you are looking for community and a place to be with your people, this book will surely lead you to a place of grace.

~ Crystal; mom, wife, friend, sister, blogger. West Jordan, UT.

In a world of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and shall we not forget Pinterest, women are plagued with idealistic images of an impossible reality. We are “told” that the most charming house, the most involved mom, the most loving wife, and the most perfect Christian exits all in one human. Yet, in For the Love, Jen reminds us that super women simply love God, love their people, and accept His amazing grace over all else (so, just let your Superwoman striving go). You will laugh, cry, and laugh some more with Jen’s raw, genuine, and truth-filled writing about life. Read and be blessed to know that there is grace for your journey!

~ Amy: Wife, Mom, Friend, Early Childhood Advocate, and Dreamer, Spring Hill, TN

Reading this book made me feel like Jen and I were sitting on the couch for a best friend weekend retreat – laughing, crying, ranting, encouraging, spilling, challenging, admitting, listening, thinking, loving… I did all of those things, and in the midst of it all, came to understand myself, others and Jesus more. She said things I’ve wanted to say, needed to hear and have said myself. For the Love causes me to continue to see the great need of love and grace for myself and others. Time to pick it up and read it again!

~ Michelle Unwin, wife, mom, daughter, friend, youth pastor, blogger and lover of Jesus, others…oh and sunshine, Coke & flipflops. Keizer, OR

This book is a call to freedom – we can be free of the unrealistic expectations that the world puts on us, and free from the unforgiving standards we set for ourselves. Jen’s words convicted and reminded me yet again of the undeserved and infinite grace our Savior offers. I’m challenged not only to extend grace more intentionally to others, but to myself as well. No matter what season you are in, “For the Love” boldly and courageously invites you to deeper, clearer waters. It is so worth the jump.

~ Kate; Jesus loving Missionary, Bookworm, and Wanna-be Writer. Fighting for the Voiceless in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and St. Louis, MO

Surpassing unrealistic expectations and extending insurmountable grace, For The Love gifts us with permission to be ourselves. Jen’s witty sister- friend writing transports us to her home and gives us permission to be genuine and examine the realities of our culture and the norms it has assigned women. She sheds light into deep and meaningful realities intermingled with a bounty of laughter. Coining new terms and expressing what you’ve always wanted to say, For the Love, will keep you engaged cover to cover.

~ Aline, Lover of Jesus, life long learner and admirer of great books. Houston, TX

7 challenged my first-world consumer-minded physical lifestyle, Interrupted challenged my comfort-driven spiritual lifestyle, and For the Love challenged my selfishness in whom and how I choose to love. Jen had me in tears, silly grins, and even laugh-out-loud moments as her words forced me to examine my impossibly high standards that I hold myself and others to. Jen is so real, and I feel like I’m on this life of freedom, grace, and love journey with her. Trust me, this is a MUST read for all! Trust me, you’ll be looking at yourself and others with different eyes and heart–and it’s called love!

~ Gloria Lee: Jesus-follower, Children & Families Pastor, food-lover, and up for new adventure any time! Los Angeles, CA

“For the Love” is a relevant, challenging, and encouraging read. Not only do I feel permission to give myself grace as a parent, a nudge of encouraging and empowerment as a women, I am extended permission and challenged to “show up for my own life” by tangibly living out the gospel wether it be through fashion, freedom to laugh, deepening friendships, having fun and enjoying my marriage, raising rounded and Godly kids, cooking good food, and living authentically and transparently. Jen writes more than a good book, it is a guide loaded with advice and ideas that help navigate the struggles and joys of parenting, marriage, friendships, church, christianity, wile giving the permission and freedom to cut dead weight, give ourselves grace, and challenges us to live differently, live informed, love deeply, while being true to ourselves and others through the process. Her words are captivating and hilarious—It will change your life, your relationships, and your heart.

~ Kim Knudsvig, MA; Counselor, Veteran Youth Pastor, Social Worker, Coffee Snob. Seattle, WA.

Jen Hatmaker has a unique ability to tell it like it is in a laugh out loud while simultaneously punching you in the gut with conviction kind of way. Whether you are a seasoned Bible study teacher or have never stepped foot in a church, For The Love will leave you wrecked in the best way possible and ready to be the change with love and grace.

~ Jenniemarie; Wife, mom and future storyteller. Mesa, AZ

Weary of the “do more” and “try harder” way of life, Jen’s words offered me a reminder to lean into grace. With humor, wisdom, and encouragement, this book was a delight to read. Jen’s heart for sharing the extravagant love of God are evident on these pages.

~ Lindsay Stevenson; Raleigh, NC

Every chapter of this book reads like an individual conversation with an experienced friend — but be warned, many of these conversations are spit-out-your-drink, snort-out-loud funny! For The Love offers Jen Hatmaker’s comical advice and personal experience on the topics of fashion, friendships, and faults. She suggests grace as the timeless answer to many of our daily disputes. Finally, she reminds readers of the importance of living out the gospel even when our own voice, or the voices around us, crowd out the good news.

~ Ginger; drink-spitter-outer, adoptive mama, blogger. Athens, IL

Today’s women can often shackled by unrealistic self-expectations, paralysis from comparison, unhealthy voices, fear of offending, or just over-committed busyness. In For the Love, Jen Hatmaker is like the older and wiser mentor you’ve always wanted. She looks into your life, wants more for you than the shackles, speaks hard-hitting truth, shares hilarious stories, and leads you lovingly to new paths of freedom. In the end, each sister feels emboldened to be herself… and the cumulative effect will be the Church living, loving and engaging with the world as God designed. My copy of For the Love is highlighted and ear-marked from page 1 to 195… I can’t stop thinking about and processing the lessons Jen has taught me… and I am confident that you will experience the same!

~ Amy; Wife, Mom, Missions Director, and Texas Girl Currently Living the Expat Life. Frankfurt, Germany

The book is what I imagine a packet of letters from a best friend to be – offering sage advice, guidance on how to course correct if needed and the encouragement to love yourself along the way – all tied up with ribbon. You will definitely want to untie this packet and let Jen Hatmaker, with her wit and grace, be your best friend for this raucous journey of self-discovery.

~ Ronna-Renee Jackson: Community builder, change agent, tech advocate, speaker, writer, lover of coffee and wine – but not together. Chattanooga TN

Christian books make me nervous. This one does not. Jen, you made me laugh hysterically, but most importantly feel accepted, loved and cherished as a Christian navigating these crazy times. May every person who reads this book become a fabulous cook, love Jesus and feel no shame when wearing crotchless yoga pants.

~ Emily; Blogger, Lip Syncer and Football Lover. Baton Rouge, LA

For the Love evokes. Part David Platt, part Erma Bombeck, I found myself planning a revolution one minute and laughing out loud the next. Get ready to curl up with a cup of coffee and ready yourself for a wonderful conversation with you wanna-be best friend, the book will enthrall you from the first to the last page, and inspire you to gather, think and, perhaps, make a great dinner.

~ Robin; Wife, Mother, Ministry Project Dreamer, Bible Enthusiast, and Chronically Disorganized Home Manager.

What I love about Jen’s book is how she makes me feel like we’re sitting on her front porch chatting over a Mason jar of sweet iced tea. One minute she’s giving me advice on my marriage and raising kids, the next she’s giving me hilarious do’s and don’ts on fashion and for the love…recipes! She speaks right from the heart and tells it like it is. Her words ring with truth and honesty. No matter your walk in life or where you are spiritually, Jen will gather you close and speak truth to your heart. Gather on Jen’s porch, drink in these words, and be blessed!

~ Kimberly; Empty-nest mother of two, Wife of the sweetest man on planet Earth, Marketer, Designer and Finder of humor—the appropriate and absolute grimace-worthy—in all places. Knoxville, TN

For the Love showed up at just the right time in my life. Jen’s words moved me from deep belly laughs to soul cleansing tears and back again. I can’t wait to share this life changing and encouraging book with my friends and family!

~ Amy E Patton | Writer, Blogger, Flip Flop Wearer. Chicagoland, IL

For The Love will take you on a personal journey of grace, forgiveness, and acceptance of yourself. Jen will open your eyes to the true joy of being you, the good, the spicy, and the sweet. Be prepared to laugh hysterically one minute and ugly cry the next. A loving reminder to be kind, be you and love Jesus. So For The Love jump in you’ll be glad you did! #forthelove #bless

~ Robin T. : Wife and mother in training, photographer, Jesus fan, Dreamer and coffee lover~Niceville FL (yes it’s a Nice place)

I already submitted a review, but I am changing my “description.” The one I filled yesterday was a bit too lengthy!!

~ Johanna; Mom of 2 boys, Aid Worker, Blogger. San Diego, CA

As a new mom, the words on these pages were a salve for my sleep-deprived soul. I laughed and cried my way through each naptime reading. Read Jen’s words and be moved, emboldened, and liberated. I’ll absolutely put a copy in the hands of my frazzled, overworked, over-committed, well-intentioned friends. This book is our freedom cry.

~ Anne; Wife & Mama, Baker, Lover of lattes & laughing. Dallas, TX.

Have you ever read a book and truly believed the author must have had inside information on your life and the lives of your friends? That was my experience with For the Love by Jen Hatmaker. Jen gets it…motherhood in the age of Pinterest, the shocking realization that we won’t be young forever, and the precious opportunity we have to love and be loved–right now! I want to give this book to all the women in my life because it contains the gift of laughter, perspective, and the fresh air of grace. We could get used to living this way…with authenticity and humor, drenched in grace.

~ Elizabeth Sawczuk, Women’s Pastor and Speaker, Business Owner, and seeker of cafe latte perfection. Portland, OR

There aren’t many books out there that challenge you to totally rethink your entire life. This book does just that! Jen’s writing style is so easy and comfortable; it feels like you are sitting on her front porch enjoying a large glass of sweet tea while she shares her widom on ALL THE THINGS. I cried, I laughed, and I grew. So thankful that this book was put “on my beam”, and I am encouraging everyone to put it on theirs as well!

~ Vicki Lodder, Wife, Mother, Daughter of a Heavenly Father, and lover of DIY. Guelph, Ontario.

This. This Book. Jen somehow manages to speak joy and laughter into the past years of my life, and hope and encouragement into the future. It is full of grace, and encouragement, and truth that needs to be heard. You won’t want to put it down until it is done, and then you will want to turn it back around and start again!

~ Heather; Mama, blogger, coffee drinker. Naperville, IL

Like always, Jen is hilarious with a huge dose of conviction She had me laughing so hard I woke the baby up, and then the very next chapter her words led me to my knees in repentance. You will be inspired and challenged and unable to put the book down until the very end. I loved every word.

~ Kelsey Ferguson; Adequate Wife, Subpar Homemaker, Epic Block Builder/Boo-Boo Kisser, and Humble Blogger. Macomb, IL

Sometimes people and books come into your life at just the right time. Jen Hatmaker, her book For The Love, and a tribe of new friends arrived just when my life was moving physically and metaphorically from winter to spring. As I laughed, cried, and said a few “Amens” while reading, my children kept asking me to share. They now know that “For The Love” anything is possible, I have “taken things off my beam” and it’s fabulous that we have a “spicy family.” I think Christmas is going to arrive in August for my friends, as I share the book with all of them!

~ Amy Decker; Bold, Brave, Badass mother of three. Survivor. Conquering life one day at a time.

These pages are not meant to be a “self-help” book where you are taught to be a better cook, wife, mother, and all-around human being. They are an inspiring call to love within your community and to live even the mundane parts of your life with the love of Jesus. This book belongs on everyone’s bedside table.

~ Christy LeRoy; Former Youth Director, Current Corporate Ladder Climber, Wife, Mommy, and Domestic “Zoo” Caretaker. San Antonio, TX

Sometimes people and books come into your life at just the right time. Jen Hatmaker, her book For The Love, and a tribe of new friends arrived just when my life was moving physically and metaphorically from winter to spring. As I laughed, cried, and said a few “Amens” while reading, my children kept asking me to share. They now know that “For The Love” anything is possible, I have “taken things off my beam” and it’s fabulous that we have a “spicy family.” I think Christmas is going to arrive in August for my friends, as I share the book with all of them!

~ Amy Decker, Bold, Brave, Bada** mother of three. Survivor. Conquering life one day at a time. Ashburn, VA.

Jen Hatmaker will have you on the floor laughing one minute and pondering the depth of your faith the next. This book will challenge you in your journey with Christ and help you learn how to live an authentic life of faith. I loved this book and highly recommend it!

~ Jason Mitchell, Pastor, Littleton, CO

For the Love is a beautifully crafted cup of coffee with a dear friend. Jen lovingly digs into the hard places–in culture, in church, even in her own life–and comes up with grace; and her vulnerability and gentle touch invite her readers to do the same. I cried, “Yes!” through tears, shouted, “Yes!” with laughter, and breathed “Yes!” as my heart took in the truth of her words. I cannot wait to share this with family, friends, and strangers on airplanes.

~ Katy Epling; Wife & Mommy, Blogger, and Unfinished Masterpiece. Rootstown, OH

Sometimes you read a book to be entertained, other times you read to learn. And, then, in a rare moment, there arrives on the scene a book that beautifully does both. From cover to cover, I was drawn in by Jen’s humor, inspired by her wisdom, and encouraged by her grace. This book sparked my heart and challenged my soul. Take this journey to rediscover what it means to really love yourself and your neighbor.

~ Sarah; Air Force wife, multi-tasking mom of five, lover of faith, family, freedom, fitness, and old-fashioned fun. Tucson, AZ

If Jen Hatmaker is the voice of a generation crying out to the Church, Where’s the love?!”, then For the Love is the book she’s written to call us to action. It is hard truth laced with grace. It’s hilarity at it’s finest. And it’s a swift kick in the pants to keep fighting the good fight and love our neighbors like Jesus loves us. The world is waiting, y’all. This book is our marching orders.

~ Lori Harris; Wife, Mom, Church Planter, Writer, Crazy-Maker, ‘Hood Lover

This book awakened my heart! Through both laughter and tears, Jenn’s book guides us all to think deeper, evaluate ourselves, and learn how to accept God’s grace ourselves and to off grace to others, which inevitably fosters deep community in all our circles. This book is a must read!

~ Lori Motal; Fun-Loving Teacher, Blogger, Mother of 2, and Christ Follower; Sugar Land, TX

In For The Love, Jen’s witty humor and unadulterated, graceful truth help you see things from a refreshing perspective. It encourages and uplifts, while not watering down a thing. For The Love is just what I needed. Some pages had me belly laughing and some had all my feels on overdrive. All pages had me thankful for every single word, everyone must read.

~ Just a giggles lovin’, laundry hatin’, Jesus followin’ girl tryin to keep the pieces together. Reno, NV

If there was a recipe for embracing your life right where you are, Jen has brought the perfect ingredients of laughter, grace, love and God together, and threaded them into every page. The result is a book that had me wanting to live in every moment and enjoy the ride. You’ll be recommending this book to all of your friends!

~ Amy, Wife of the Pastor, Mom of 4 girls, learning each day to walk the Jesus way. Lyman, SC

“For the Love” engaged me with its humor and challenged me with its sagacity, surprising me with how the two blended so easily. From matters of temporal to eternal significance, this book tackles trivial and tricky topics head-on with equal parts candor and compassion. Both laughter and personal convictions came, unforced, because this is not simply a book – it’s a conversation, and Jen relates deeply through her truth and wit.

~ Elizabeth; Chemist, journalist, and tea aficionado. Berkeley, CA

I don’t know if words can express my connection with this book. Jen Hatmaker is the soul sister that we all need. She says what we’re thinking, but funnier, more concisely, and with just the right amount of conviction. She doesn’t reprimand or lay a guilt trip on you, but makes you want to truly do better. And she’s hilarious!

~ Erin; wife, mother, teacher, procrastinator extraordinaire. McKinney, TX

Rarely do you find books that breathe humour, vitality, truth, honesty and authenticity with such grace and ease. ‘For the Love’ is both tender and vibrant, shifting comfortably between challenge after challenge to live a bigger, bolder, better life for Jesus. Laugh-out-loud funny and brim-full of heart, this book has made me think about how I see others and the life I have been given, and how to better view it all through the lens of God’s great love.

~ Helen Kerr; Wife, Mama, Teacher, Blogger. Shetland, Scotland.

Jen has a way of speaking to straight to a woman’s heart with her make you laugh out loud- wit, authenticity and her down to earth style will make you feel at ease no matter what part of the journey you are on with God. In each chapter there are unforgettable real life connections that I will continue to carry in my heart and that have already changed how I am living my life. This book will inspire you to live the “grace filled life” and motivate you to get back to the basics of shared community and resting in the freedom of God’s great love for each of us.

~ Michele; Storyteller, Wordsmith, Bible Teacher, Encourager of Souls,Chuy’s Conosieur,Wife/Mama and Jesus Chick

A breath of fresh air- that’s what reading this book was like. Many times throughout my time spent in this book was spent laughing out loud, crying like a lunatic, or yelling “Yes!” at the top of my lungs, much to my husband’s chagrin as he was usually sleeping next to me. Jen has a way of making you feel like you are talking over coffee rather than reading a book. She makes you feel the “big feels” without apology, and “For the Love” was no different. Every one should read this- it will change your life!!!

~ Erin Wevers; passionate lover of life, unapologetic defender of all, nap advocate, and amazon-addict. Grand Forks, ND

Jen’s unparalleled humor and truth shines brightly as she guides us in conquering what seems to be so difficult today; the concept of grace. She delivers a powerful message that will resonate with all walks of life as she gently reminds us that to love others effectively, we must offer that same love and acceptance to ourselves. I found this book incredibly freeing and have been inspired to look deeply into my personal relationships and the need to extend love and grace to those around me as we face our battles in the world.

~ Ashley Besser; Mom, truth seeker and lover of words. Savage, MN

There are two things I particularly love about reading Jen Hatmaker; one is her words, the other her ideas. The reading goes down easy because it feels like a conversation with a friend, but after the ideas settle inside of you they ignite a fire in your belly that burns long into the night. Her words feel real and lived out. Her ideas have been wrestled through. You will find yourself desperate for freedom and loving well when you finish this book. But you will also feel more hopeful that those things are within your grasp than ever before….and you’ll have Jesus and Jen to thank!

~ Lori Florida; happy to be bravely adventuring with my people and saying “yes” to Jesus one day at a time. Living and occasionally rocking out to 80’s hair bands in my Sparta, MI kitchen and blogging about all of it @

This book will touch people on so many levels. It will keep you rolling with the reality of who we-imperfect women, mothers and friends- are and it will fill you with peace to know you are not alone. It will help you find your place when you feel like maybe you just do not belong anywhere. Jen reminds us that we are all human, that we are allowed to make mistakes, but to extend grace to our fellow human travelers, because of the grace that God has bestowed upon us, in our daily seemingly unimportant lives.

~ Amity; Practical, Truth Seeker, Nurturing, Faithful

Oh the goodness of hearing someone else’s thoughts on a subject to make you process what you think & believe about life. ‘For The Love’ will push you to process life & love in a new way. You will need all your people to read immediately so you are not alone to laugh, cry, laugh cry, & process Jen’s words of wisdom.

~ Katie, Church staffer, goldendoodle owner, advocate of adorable.

Jen’s words hit so close to home and resonate powerfully with my life in many ways. It’s the good, hard truths that I’ve been needing to hear – and she sends the message wrapped in humility and humor. The best thing I’ve found in For the Love is a tribe of people who value grace as much as all the other attributes we share.

~ Jo Elaine; Faithful Follower and Relentless Optimist. Frisco, TX

You often hear people say, “This book will change your life!” I usually scoff at such endorsements; after all, how often does a book actually stick with you after you’ve turned the final page? Well, it didn’t take even ten pages for “For the Love” to change my life. Jen’s words about figuring out which things in your life are necessary and which can be set aside were so freeing and, yes, life changing. I’ll be chanting “off the beam” for the rest of my days.

~ Becky; Blogger, Editor, Cat Wrangler, Hallmark Movie Lover, Latte Enthusiast. Central City, NE

For the Love quickly became a favorite as I laughed until I cried, cried until I prayed, and chapter after chapter wanted to give a standing ovation. Jen’s call to Christians for transparent community and a love like Jesus is so simple, yet is something the modern church is in desperate need of, especially as we foster relationships with our own “Jesus Kids.” Both challenging and full of grace, this is a must-read!

~ Bethany Alexander; Writer, Homemaker, Attachment Mom, and Rebel-Turned-Righteous Jesus Follower. Conway, AR

Growing up as a Church Kid, the Bible was often lauded as a book boasting every possible reading topic: adventure, humor, romance, violence, and of course wisdom. I would like to make the same case for this book – Jen has cohesively brought the spectrum of the human experience into these pages (including all of the aforementioned subjects, I promise you). Her voice is familiar enough to feel trustworthy, but fresh, witty, and bold enough to hold your interest and your intellect. Public readers, consider this your warning that you will likely laugh-snort and cry-snot, for the love.

~ Annaliese Wink; speech language pathologist (aka word enthusiast and cheerleader), finder of sparkle in all faces and places, and Elle Woods wannabe as a fuchsia fanatic. Dallas, TX.

Jen Hatmaker’s FOR THE LOVE will have you laughing and crying, cheering and reeling, reading as quickly as you can while trying to digest the truths she shares, and making lists of all the people you know who NEED to read this book. From the first word to the last, you’ll feel like you are sitting across from Jen as she shares her heart on living out the love and grace we (desperately) wish the whole world would commit to. Christian or non, FOR THE LOVE will be “that book” for this generation’s seekers.

~ Lori, creativity coach, wellness advocate, lover of people, daughter of the King! Nashville, TN

Every so often I come upon a book so special that when I get to the last page I immediately flip back to the beginning and start over. “For the Love” is that kind of book. These pages are full of wisdom and honesty, with a healthy dose of humor to help wash it all down. I can’t wait to pass my copy along to all my girlfriends so we can process over Jen’s pad thai recipe and a bottle of wine.

~ Brandi; Freelancer, Reality TV addict, frequently blesses her own heart. Sarasota, FL

I can’t say enough about “For The Love” – I laughed out loud, I had tears of understanding, I had heart pangs of conviction and much more. The heart behind this book is for community, for love, and for care for each other. Jen’s heart for people comes through loud and clear. Her desire for your good and for you to get so much more out of this life is real.

~ Michelle Kime; mom of 4, wife of one Pastor, lover of fairly made chocolate and coffee, co-owner of Imagine Goods.

Jen is like the older sister we all wish we could be: cool – yet humble, doesn’t take herself too seriously, makes you feel like you have thousands of inside jokes, and passes down gems of wisdom so you don’t have to learn everything the hard way. For the Love is both deep and hilarious, and every page is dripping with grace. It’s an absolute must-read for every woman. Read it and be set free!

~ Erin Moffitt; accounting assistant by day, Stitch Fix stylist by night, lover of iced coffee, youth ministry, and mini ponies. Long Beach, CA

For the Love is like a secret glimpse into Jen Hatmaker’s brain, and it’s a very fun place to be!

~ Jenni Dewitt,, author of Forty Days

“For The Love” had me nodding in agreement one second, laughing at Jen’s irreverent humor the next, only to turn the page and notice tears welling up in my eyes. Jen is every woman, the friend, the mentor, the mommy blogger, the Texan, the wife and the comedienne. Her candid, informal style of writing in conjunction with her infectious passion for others is a hook, line and sinker for readers. The only problem with Jen’s writing is that she leaves you wanting more… wondering when the next book or blog entry will post. She keeps you coming back; and growing in the process.

~ Christan: Christ-follower, founder of 28Bold non-profit, wife to David, mom to Harrison, Collins & Baylor. Missionary locally & globally. Hails from Augusta, Georgia.

On the adventure of learning to love well, this is a must read! For the Love is like a conversation with an old friend–you laugh, you cry, and the truth spoken penetrates to the depths of your heart! You will be challenged and encouraged and mourn as you turn the last page. Then, you will take a deep breath, buy a few copies, and pass them around your circles for all to read.

~ Beth; Jesus Follower, Wife to a Family Pastor, Mom to Four Littles, Believer in Marriage, Personal Space Observer, and Lover of all things Competitive; Lake Geneva, WI

We walk around carrying the overwhelming burden of appearing perfect. The pressure this creates negatively impacts our relationships with one another, with God, and this unobtainable standard of perfection has left us to endure feelings of failure, isolation and unworthiness. Our personal unhappiness bleeds into our relationships, families and churches and the result is a lack of community and a church that behaves in the worst way. In FTL Jen Hatmaker points out that until we heal our own pain we will give the secular world, and our children, every reason to avoid church, leaving both with an uncertain and unstable future. FTL invites us to admit our own shortcomings, embrace the gifts and unique lives we have been given, and extend a grace big enough to unburden ourselves and others from perfection…leaving us all free to live a life of fulfillment, and to share this loving example within our communities, as Christ intended.

~ Amanda Regas; Personal Handler to My Children, Closet Writer, and Most Sarcastic Person at Your Church. McKinney, TX

Gone are the days of Self-Help Christianity. We are worn out from trying to fit the mold, fit in, and appear holy. We are hungry to just be in His grace with ourselves, each other, and those He is sending us to. Jen nailed it. We don’t have to out perform, wear a mask, or hide our personality – For the Love.

~ Christianna; Abolitionist, Wannabe Blogger, and Lover of All Things Hilarious. Wathena, KS

If I am going to hand someone a book that doesn’t know Jesus, it would be this one. We are not all jerks. We are messed up, broken, and in need of daily grace. Jen nailed it. Let’s quit trying to clean people up and start getting in the dirt with them – For the Love

~ Christianna; Abolitionist, Wannabe Blogger, and Lover of All Things Hilarious, Wathena, KS

A hilarious, thoughtful and mind-blowing must read book! In a society that is fast-paced and often demoralizing, Jen Hatmaker reminds the reader how important it is to extend grace not only to the stranger but to oneself. I’ll not only recommend this book I plan on buying many copies to hand out as gifts.

~ Heather Galyon-Lamb, Mom, Sweet Tea Debutante and Animated Talker. Athens, TN

For The Love had me ugly crying at the introduction, reading behind a closed bathroom door. For someone to voice the unspoken, nagging doubts about how we’re measuring up as people, women and Christians, Jen Hatmaker graces us with hysterical and sometimes sobering real-life words, and “just tell the truth.” To spouses, neighbors, church folk, our children, ourselves. And important advice to watch out for that Automatic Flushing Toilet!

~ Suzanne, mom, wife, church leader, Pinterest cook, don’t feel 50. Indianapolis, IN

Freedom. Within 5 minutes of reading I experienced freedom from so many things that the world places upon my shoulders–which of course I allow. Jen reminds me of Jesus’ command to simply love. There is so much freedom found in that truth! She made me laugh, think deeply, and love more!

~ Amanda; Teacher Blogger, Adoptive Parent, and Vintage Decorator Extraordinaire. Burleson, TX

Reading “For the Love” felt like one of those times where you sit down with a friend for coffee and you leave three hours later feeling like you are a new person ready to take on the world. Jen pours truth into hard subjects while wrapping them in a bow of grace and giving us laughs along the way.

~ Kodi; Sales, Bank Manager, Boy Mom, and Oxford comma supporter. Jackson, MO

I tell my students that the best books provoke the full range of emotions and, as I wiped tear dots off the pages of one chapter only to cackle aloud at the next, I knew Jen Hatmaker had written a “best book”. In true Hatmaker-fashion, Jen is somehow able to speak soothing life into the dry places while also prodding a bit in those areas that need a little shaking up. I have been blessed by this book and I know you will be too, which is why I intend to give it to my people as a gift for every upcoming occasion.

~ Athena; Wife to One, Mom and Teacher to Many, Sometime Writer and Explorer, Passionate Liver of Life, Lover of my Creator. Cleveland, TN.

Jen offers raw humor, truth, and grace through every word she writes. She holds your hand through the tough and dances next to you in joy. This book should be in the hands of every woman, offering Jen’s realistic and gracious approach to our crazy lives.

~ Heidi Schmidt, Special Needs Mama, Author, Blogger, and Lover of Hot Chocolate with Whip. Milwaukee, WI

At a time when our culture’s expectations leave us increasingly anxious and less free, Jen’s refreshing voice rises above the noise to offer rest. Using a savvy combination of wit, humor and wisdom, For The Love invites each of us to laugh hard and exhale, releasing the struggle in exchange for grace. This is a book for everyone!

~ Cara Joyner; Writer, Chocolate-Lover and Keeper of an Almost-Always Messy Home. Virginia.

For the Love took me places. From laughing that “so loud it’s silent” laugh that only comes out when sharing stories with your best friends, to having my heart pumping and tears swelling from the uncomfortable yet refreshingly accessible and oh so vital truths. Jen writes with an incredible boldly human voice. Her words reach into all the complicated, quirky, and lovable corners of a woman’s life today. I can’t wait to give the gift of this book to the women in my life.

~ Becca; Blogger, Whole MAMA coach, sister, craver of gut stirring and heart stretching, recovering tight ass, and spontaneous bust-a-mover. Cazenovia, NY

For The Love will change the way you look at yourself and the world around you. Jen digs into life topics with transparency, humor, truth and a big dose of “me too”. Be ready to laugh, cry and nod along with words that come from the heart of your new friend (Jen).

~ Celine; Lover of Jesus, Song Singer, Wisdom Sharer and Mama. CT

Jen is not just preaching to the choir here – For the Love is written for every woman I know. Reading this book is like sitting down with your best friend for coffee. Jen just gets me! As soon as I finished, I wanted to read it again.

~ Mindy; English teacher, musician, and lover of our 10,000 Lakes. Fergus Falls, MN

For The Love is a breath of fresh air. Jen will challenge you, make you think, and make you laugh until you cry (and pee yourself) – all in the same chapter. Looking forward to sharing this book with all the ladies in my life!

~ LeeAnna; Blogger, Lover of Jesus, and Professional Coffee Drinker. Jonesboro, IN

Jen Hatmaker takes sassy, spunky, raw and truth to a whole new level. I’ve been on this ride with her since her first bible study and they just keep evolving and challenging women willing to live in the real world. If you’re not ready to see yourself truthfully, this book is not for you. If you can laugh at yourself, open the cover and jump in headfirst- you will not regret it!

~ Carrie Beth, Principal, mom of 4 boys (bless it!) and blogger, Frankfort, KY

I read this book cover to cover in one night; I woke my husband repeatedly with my howls of laughter, but my tears were all silent. In a culture obsessed with flawless performance in parenthood, career, education, faith, marriage, appearance, and even friendship, I’m exhausted to my core from all the posturing. Jen Hatmaker speaks hope into my life in a way I’ve never heard hope before; my thanks to her and the movement for love and sanity she is starting.

~ Lindsay Loughrin; Writer, Ministry Wife, Former Teacher and Current Fostering-to-Adopt Mom. Chicago, IL

When you feel like the mainstream Christian world is too stilted, too saintly, and just plain too perfect for you to fit in, Jen shows you how God’s love fills the real and the everyday of your life. This book makes you feel like you belong- and even better, it inspires you to bust out of your church walls and share the love!

~ Jenny; twenty-something teacher, blogger, church-seeker, and creative procrastinator. Cincinnati, OH

WWJHD? She would write a book that is real and raw and will make you sprinkle if you don’t tinkle before you open the pages. Thank you Jenn for reminding us that it is okay to laugh out loud at the coffee shop ( and if you have coffee come out of your nose- it’s a plus).

~ Anastasia: Sseko wearing, green tea drinking, book blogger and fellow PW. Lifelong Texan living in Indy.

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a generation, asking you to read this book. For real. It’s one giant fist bump that hits hard and leaves you laughing. Jen writes with wisdom and heaping amounts of grace topped with a sprinkle of grit. Spoiler alert: This is now my go-to birthday, Christmas, and Galentine’s Day gift. You’re welcome.

~ Kayla: Caffeinated Mama of Wild Children, Oversharer, Lipstick Wearer, Justice seeker, Full-time Journalist turned Work-in-PJs-Freelancer, Unlikely Pastor’s Wife, Blogger at

Jen Hatmaker has a way of keeping it real in “For the Love”. She made me giggle, cry, and really think about what it truly means to love people, to love Jesus, and to love myself.

~ Melissa Crawford, Aspiring Artist, Working Mom, and Jesus Lover

Thank you note to the stranger sitting beside me on the plane: THIS is why I ugly-cried and hyena-laughed all the way to our destination. You fought the urge to give me the crazy-eye, and for that I applaud you.

~ Monica Montoya; Wife,Mom, Missions Director. Pearland, TX

This book will change the way you look at life! I’ve already promised my girl friends copies when the book is released…and highlighters!

~ Melissa Crawford, Aspiring Artist, Working Mommy, and Jesus Lover. Shawnee, OK

It seems like every time a well-known Christ-follower releases a book, some people are quick to look for reasons why this particular author is not the “right” kind of Christian. They’re quick to draw smaller circles to keep more people out, but what Jen writes about in For the Love transcends imaginary circles, doctrinal arguments, and culture-shaming. She writes about things over which all people can be united like good food, good love, good kids, and other important stuff (you know, like why high-waisted jeans are no better this go around than the last). Jen’s bustin’ circles, baby. Everyone’s in, for the love.

~ Rachel; Pray-er, Thinker, Wife, Mom, Instructor, Joke-cracker. Lafayette, IN

For the Love will leave you laughing, crying and shouting, “Amen,” all on the same page. Jen uses the perfect blend of humor and Word to speak straight to the reader’s soul. I strongly recommend this book for anyone struggling with grace, community or how to correctly wear a pair of leggings. In an age where Pinterest sets the standards and sandwich dolphins feel like a must, For the Love reminds us to seek wisdom versus awesomeness and that where there is balance, there is freedom.

~ Jenny; Wife, Third Grade Teacher, Blogger and Laminating Expert. Dallas, TX

I kind of feel like Jen invited me to her Austin, TX kitchen table when I read this book. I pulled up a chair (and my hair into a topknot) and had some honest girl talk, numerous cry-laughing episodes, and an abundance of truths spoken over me. All of it bathed in love. Overwhelming and freeing LOVE.

~ Shanna Leigh; Believer, Wannabe Writer, and Reader of Everything, Including Product Manuals. Atlanta, GA.

In For the Love, Jen Hatmaker fulfills scripture as she edifies the body of Christ, particularly the part that is female. After this amazingly liberating read, I imagine God on the throne, in stretchy pants, looking down and saying, “This is my daughter, in whom I am well pleased!”

~ Miguel Cain Cooper, Life Coach & Encourager, Austin, TX

In For the Love, Jen Hatmaker has found her stride, evoking tears of laughter then—wham!—searing your soul with unapologetic truth, all offered with a side of vulnerability and grace. At once quotable, thoughtful, insightful, and hysterical.

~ Kelley: lover of Jesus, fiction, writing, friends, family, and doxies. Oh, and coffee. Dallas, TX

Jesus said, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” If that’s you, and I think it’s all of us, For The Love, read this book! God’s Word is full of life giving grace, but if you have a hard time translating that grace into the pressures of daily life, Jen’s words will be like fine wine for your soul. Jen’s witty style will make you laugh, encourage your spirit, and give you permission to find that rest and just be YOU.

~ Bethany; Artist, Wife and Mom, wrangler of a growing clan, Native Texan (if you are too you know why that’s a thing). Gadsden, AL

With her usual wit, warmth and wisdom, Jen Hatmaker delivers another insightful and challenging book. I’m grateful for the validation Jen gives the everyday parts of our lives that often go overlooked. An Erma Bombeck for our generation, Jen had me laughing right out loud, blinking back tears, and underlining entire paragraphs – all part of reading For the Love.

~ Anna Rendell: social media coordinator for, blogger at, and author of A Moment of Christmas Devotional. Burnsville, MN.

A delightful addition to Jen’s bestselling collection – For the Love is a refreshing examination of current standards vs. the reality of the world in which we live. Readers are richly blessed by her challenging essays and brilliantly placed humor. A treasure I cannot wait to share with my people!

~ Robin – that friend of a friend who might know the answer or how to get it for free. Fairview, TN

In a world of Pinterest and social-media, there is a pressure to be all of the things. The struggle is real, y’all! For the Love encourages believers to take off the mask so we can get to the work of being the hands and feet of Christ. If you believe in a Creator that very purposefully designed unique individuals, Jen’s book is a strong encouragement to just be YOU, for the glory of God and the good of His people

~ Bethany; Wife and Homeschooling Mom, Artist, Wrangler of a Growing Clan, Native Texan (if you are too, you know why it’s a thing). Gadsden, AL

Ready to laugh until it hurts and then encounter a heart-piercing Jesus truth? Looking for a change in the way you view life, the journey, and the swirl of activity that competes for our attention every day? Jen’s latest compilation is the perfect blend of fun, humor, and amazing insights. Spend some time with For the Love, it’s just like chatting with a very wise sister!

~ Angie: Crazy for chocolate, family, and Jesus. Farr West, UT

This book is a deeply funny and deeply endearing call back to the old-fashioned idea of believing the best about each other. Read it and you’ll want to learn to love people better, cook more, and reconsider all you ever once thought about “fashion.”

~ Lisa-Jo Baker, South African transplant to the States, author, tea drinker, fan of how social media can change the world for good, and mom to three very loud kids.

This important and timely book will have you laughing-till-you-cry one minute and wrestling with important global issues the next. Jen has the unique ability of challenging not only the way we think, but also the way we live our lives. She invites us in, gets us nice and comfortable, then shows us why we should be all kinds of uncomfortable in all the best of ways. This book may just rock your world a teeny bit!

~ Rosanna Mullet; Visionary, Encourager, and Life-long Learner. Sugarcreek, OH

As I read Jen’s words, I found myself pondering deeply about family and God one minute, and with tears of laughter streaming down my face the next. Reading this book feels like a good sit-down with a delightful new best friend. I can’t wait for all my people to have the chance to read it.

~ Macy; Mom, Photographer and Donut Enthusiast. Austin, TX

Part memoir, part primer, and all parts sincere, this book delivers gentle nudges, a kick in the pants, and grace filled freedom. And the humor, for the love! The Thank Yous alone are gifts that keep on giving; I have already found my way back to those too many times to count. Authenticity is Jen’s strong suit and, in For the Love, she wears it like an overaccessorized boss!

~ Dena Franco; Girl who loves God, her family, and her friends. Fort Worth, TX

In this book, I have found absolute and liberating freedom in Christ and a greater sense of community than ever before. I’m not a “bad Christian”; I’m just me, and I’m free to be me through the love of God. I have accepted that the timing will never seem right to use my gifts, but that I have to be unapologetically, awkwardly me and use the gifts that God has given to me to fit into each season of life without comparing myself to others. I intend to buy at least 20 copies of the book to give to friends and family for Christmas and birthday presents with sections highlighted for them because I know they will love it just as much as I have!

~ Kirsten; Post-Glee Survivor, Lit Nerd, and Hit Music Radio DJ. Vienna, IL.

Reading this book of Jen’s is like getting an e-mail from your best friend; she gets you, knows what you need to hear, and she can induce you to snort-laugh! Her honesty and simplicity are the refreshing and freeing words we all need to hear. Nailed it.

~ Jenny Mrochek; Creator of Circle of Love Infinity Scarves… but really just your average chick. Cincinnati, OH

Jen nailed it. She clearly knows what it means to live a life of love; the life Jesus wants for us. Her perspective and insights are so freeing, so simple, … and so stinkin’ hilarious! Whether you’ve been a pastor for years, or are just warming up to the idea of church, you are sure to be blessed by this book.

~ Jenny Mrochek; Creator of “Circle of Love” Infinity Scarves… but really just your average chick. Cincinnati, OH

Hang on for a wild ride! After being an avid reader for decades, as well as hearing and seeing sermons most of my life, the boldness of this wife and mom will challenge you to live your life different, invigorating, bigger, and better. How? Just follow Jen to Jesus…..

~ Pen, blessed wife , mom, and grandma marmi. Jesus in my heart, Texas in my blood. Love, mercy, and grace recipient. Littleton, Colorado

I could read this book over and over. The message is simple yet challenging with just the right amount of hilarious-ness. Ladies, we are on the SAME TEAM, and if we each play our note the world will be so full of beautiful music!

~ Amber; recently taken off the hook wife, mom & business owner. Ahhh….relief! Edmond, Ok

For the Love is like having a wise Sister take me on a weekend getaway to tell me Light-shedding, soul-baring, life-directing, perspective-shifting secrets to living well. If laughter is the best medicine and the Truth can set you free, then For the Love will make you laugh your way to healing and send your shackles falling to the floor.

~ Ashley Behn; Serial Entrepreneur, Blogger, Craft Supply Gatherer, Texas Born & Bred Mom of 6, Wife of 1. Shelbyville, KY

I feel like Jen jumped inside of my head and wrote down everything I was thinking but did not know how to express. From raising kids, enjoying my marriage, loving on people, and making amazing food, this book is bound to encourage you to fall in love with your life and people all over again. Bravo Jen for another stunning book! *Disclaimer: Read only when everyone is awake, for the laughter cannot be contained or coffee might spew from your nose from trying!

~ Shellie; Writer, Food Enthusiast, Passionate to a Fault, & Adventure Junkie, Irving, TX

On the fun scale, For the Love ranks right up there with trolling the end caps at Target late at night with my bestie with twin vent mocha frappes strapped in the front of the buggy like little coffee babies. #forthelove

~ Deidre Price, Mama of Three, Lit Ph.D., Believer with a Mess in the Margins. Fort Walton Beach, FL

There are too many people in the world telling us that we need to be more, do more, and have more. Jen reminds us that not only is living a perfect life impossible, we don’t even have to try. This book is like sitting on the front porch with your bestie; the one who sees you chasing your kids through the supermarket in your ratty pajamas with three day old hair and still tells you what an amazing mom you are. Let this book help you put aside your unrealistic expectations for yourself and live in the freedom found in a grace-filled Father who loves us in our imperfection and calls us to love others in theirs.

~ Jess; Designer, Mama, Blogger, and Fabric Lover. Milwaukee, WI

Thank you for telling us through your wonderful story telling how we can all co-exist through love, grace, amazing food, and fantastic stupid humor that can wake a whole house from the inability to hold in the laughter. It is your best book yet! #especiallythethankyounotes #andthefood #andeverythingelse #forthelove

~ Shellie; Thrill Seeker, Passionate Believer, Writer, Foodie, & Mom/Wife to some crazies I love dearly, Irving, TX

I want to share this refreshing, encouraging reminder of God’s accessible grace and freedom with all my people. Jen’s hilarious, straightforward reminders of realistic, Biblical truths in our distorted, Instagram-filtered society were on point for a certain 38-year-old on the brink of both marriage and senior citizenship. Well played, Hatmaker.

~ Rebekah; Communicator, Social Media Dabbler, and Dreamer of Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful World. Baton Rouge, LA

Within these pages, I found the authenticity I have craved and sought in church buildings for years. Jen does not back down from the hard things. She is both a voice and an advocate. She is willing to reach into the messy places, ask hard questions, and offer real truth. Be prepared to walk away from her words both changed and challenged!

~ Hannah Card; Wanderer and Wonderer, Passionate Pursuer of Jesus, Coffee Connoisseur, and Beginner Blogger. Mechanicsville, VA.

Jen Hatmaker’s honest and authentic insights in For the Love are life-giving and rich. Her message of grace is brilliantly perceptive with just the perfect touch of humor. This is a must read for every mom, wife and woman seeking grace for the day. Loved the book! Thank you, Jen, for the gift of laughter and honesty.

~ Michelle: Marketer, Wife, Mother and Lover of laughter. Sacramento, CA

The words of the world resound in our ears, telling us that we are never, ever enough. Jen’s new book reminds us that the grace of God covers us, that life is beautiful and precious and worth living, and that love rises up from our brokenness and imperfections. With her mix of humor and honesty, Jen speaks from her heart with a message that we desperately need to hear: You are so loved. Now love others.

~ Rachel; Recovering Perfectionist, Mom of Four, Runner, Seeker of Beauty in Words and Pictures. St. Louis, MO

Thought-provoking, tear-jerking, and belly-laugh-inducing are just a few of the words that describe For The Love. Jen writes to make us think about serious issues while at the same time making sure we don’t take ourselves too seriously. This book is a must read for anyone who needs to receive or give grace in any area of their life.

~ Jessica: Aunt, Musician, and Bacon Enthusiast with Blood Type Caffeine. New Orleans, LA.

Probably the most timely book I have ever read, For the Love brings razor-sharp insight to modern Christianity. Better than anyone else, Jen Hatmaker captures the tension between cultural standards of perfection and God’s exorbitant grace. No matter what Pinterest tells you, you are beloved and accepted; you are enough! What if we all lived fully convinced of God’s acceptance and approval? Make sure you have tissues and plenty of coffee (wine); For the Love reads like a big dose of truth from a trusted friend.

~ Ashley; Wife, Mom, Teacher, Perpetual Beachgoer and Wearer of Flip-Flops, Jacksonville, FL

For the Love is an enticing blend of all the things we have come to love about Jen Hatmaker. This book takes Jen’s love for people and throws it in a blender with grace, truth, and a whole lotta humor to produce something so appealing, you will want to serve it up with some chips to all of your friends.

~ Ashley Griffin; Daughter, Wife, Mommy, and Lover of all things coffee, crafty, salsa, & the church. Gadsden, AL

For the Love is a breath of fresh air in the Pinterest perfect world we live in. Jen’s words of grace and truth will jump right off the page and hand you the keys to freedom you have been searching for and inspire you to live your life in confidence.

~ Ashley Griffin; Daughter, Wife, Mommy, and Lover of all things coffee, crafty, and the church.

In the midst of our generation’s monogrammed, carefully edited paradigm, Jen’s book is a wake-up call whose tone and message are both strikingly insightful and patiently loving. For both those entrenched in traditional church culture and those dipping their toes into the pool of Christian belief, “For the Love” offers a straightforward glimpse of a new, yet ageless, love. Jen subtly (and sometimes not so subtly!) weaves belly-laugh-inducing humor and heart-wrenching truths into this book, which tackles topics ranging from busy-ness to Beef Bourguignon, from leggings to loneliness. As a working mom of four who struggles with trying to be “all things to all people,” I desperately needed this reminder to pare my life and my faith down to the foundational pillars of Jesus’ teachings and know I will be reading this gem time and time again.

~ Robin; Teacher, Thrift-store addict, and Elvis fan. Madison, AL

In “For the Love,” Jen accomplishes the very difficult, (almost impossible) task of being gut-level honest and authentic, while beautifully standing with wide open arms of grace and acceptance, not isolated any one. I love her rawness, paired with grace and love. We need more voices like this! This book is gracious but meaty and will be read and re-read, over and over!

~ Jessica; Wife, Mother, Pastor, Blogger, and

In this book, Jen speaks with vulnerable honesty, integrity, and cry-your-mascara-off humor. For the Love is a celebration of our lives as women and a reassurance that Jesus loves us in spite of ourselves. Give it to your sisters, colleagues, friends, moms, and everyone who needs to know that God’s grace is bigger than our biggest messes, worries, hopes, and fears. This book will change your life, end your gift buying woes, and make you want to run to all your girlfriends, sit beside them, and have chapter favorite read-aloud time on the front porch with red wine and cookies.

~ Ann Marie Corgill, elementary school teacher, expert at reading aloud and hosting after school wine and cookie parties. Birmingham, AL

For the Love showcases Jen Hatmaker at the top of her game: real, relevant, and revolutionary. She’s a Jesus-y Tina Fey with better hair.

~ Deidre Price, Mama of Three, Lit Ph.D., and Believer with a Mess in the Margins. Fort Walton Beach, FL

This book is Jen Hatmaker’s love letter to her people. She found the string that already connected us, and with each essay, pulled it taut. You will not finish this book feeling alone, and that, for so many women today, is the most powerful message of all. #forthelove

~ Deidre Price; Mama of Three, Lit Ph.D., Believer with a Mess in the Margins. Fort Walton Beach, FL

Once again Jen nails it in writing what relevant in today’s need for hope in this hurting, broken world. She gives practical and real hope with her quick wit, truth-telling, transparent self. You will feel relieved and grateful you are not walking this journey alone, inspire you and definitely assure you your not cranzy for having some of the same thoughts she so bodily shares to give us freedom to get off the beam, stop comparing and self-judging and love full out the way God intended us to. Jen”s book is a must read and I highly recomeend this boook to get us back to what We all really desire…permission to admit we all have junk but for the love of God let’s have grace and love for ourselves and one another

~ Connie: Marriage and Family therapist, pastors wife, proud mother, lover of life, adventure, and genuine love for others Katy. TX

Get ready for Jen at her best. This book is her truest, realest, and also most hilarious, all wrapped in one. You will be reading this over and over and over, so make your friends buy their own copy.

~ Diana Kerr; Life Coach, Blogger, and Texan Wannabe. Milwaukee, WI.

I couldn’t believe when I opened this book feeling like Jen was listening in on my conversations with friends, neighbors, woman at church and in my counseling sessions addressing the things I was hearing on a daily basis. Jen once again nails it with her quick wit, truth telling, authentic self the struggles we all face but gives us practical and hopeful suggestions to get off the beam, rid of self-judging and permission to be real and know you are not alone in this journey. She makes you laugh out loud and inspire you to be bold and get back to what we all really desire…grace and acceptance for ourselves and others. I highly recommend this book to everyone I meet and can’t wait to see our imperfect world change for the better because someone was willing to be bold and authentic enough to call it out and give us the opportunity have grace and love like God intended for ourselves and others.

~ Connie, Marriage and Family therapist, pastors wife, honored to be a mother, lover of life, adventure and outrageously love people. Katy, people

As a marriage and family therapist and pastors wife, Jen says what I hear on a regular basis…you will feel relieved and grateful you are not alone in this journey. Jen helps us realize people are looking for the authentic, mask-free, grace-loving Christ followers and gives us practical advice and suggestions how to enjoy a fulfilling, fun- living, freedom life in an imperfect world. For the love is funny, slap-silly, get in your business book you will enjoy and want to share with everyone you meet.

~ Connie: Marriage and Family therapist, pastors wife, mom, lover of people, adventure and life. Katy. TX

Hey girl, I know you’ve felt like you were alone, maybe forgotten or betrayed by the Lord and his people. Maybe your wounds are fresh, or happened years ago and still have not lost their sting. I’ve been there, too. This book has renewed me, healed me, and made me whole in places that were once so very broken. Thankful for Jen’s words and the opportunity to share them with everyone I know and love.

~ Stefanie Ritz; mom, wife, Jesus lover, and drinker with a writing problem. Fort Worth, Texas

Sorry Im late!! Life has been sooo crazy but anyways I couldnt go without sending my endorsement, more of a I love Jesus and Jen note 🙂

My heart is full from the pages and words of truth and laughter for my soul. The words penned here have inspired me, encouraged me, and made me fall in love with my Savior all over again. Its for the weary, the brokenhearted, and the ones who just want to cheer on with a resounding YES! It’s everything we are all thinking and many things we dare to speak. Its real, its honest, it hits you in the heart & in the funny bone! I love truth telling and this is at its best. I love Jen but most of all I LOVE JESUS!

~ Melissa Miller, A real woman just trying to get it right, Lover of Jesus and Coffee. Georgetown KY

The only problem I had with this book is that EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN MY LIFE wasn’t reading it along with me! How are we supposed to “amen” and commiserate about all things balance/ marriage/ kids/ justice/ church/ community if they can’t speak the language? For the love. Thank goodness the book’s release fixes all that.

~ Kande; Pastor, Adoptive Mama, Lover of Dreams Come True. Cincinnati, OH

As a wife, work at home, homeschooling, mama to four littles under the age of seven, I never feel like I measure up to the standards placed before me. Reading For the Love was like a breath of fresh air. I found myself nodding in agreement, laughing so hard I couldn’t catch my breath, and holding back sobs because Jen’s words touched my heart in raw places. This book has the potential to rock your world for the better. For the love.

~ Whitney is a wife. mommy. Jesus follower. blogger. crafter. lover of pumpkin spice everything, Disney, antiques, and all things vintage. Charlotte, NC.

Hatmaker Homerun!
In a world where women are tearing each other down, Jen was truly a cheerleader as I parented, dreamt of building relationships, and even cooked in my kitchen! A must read for any woman seeking great relationships. You will find a friend right in the words written on these pages

~ Andrea; stay at home mom, front porch community builder. Syracuse, NY

This. This book. God, in this book will challenge you, change you, accept you, love you, laugh with you, cry with you and affirm you. Its a porch chat with Jen. Its what you know, but didn’t know, wanted to say but didn’t have the words. It’s bravery at its best truth to its core.

~ Stephanie; wife, mother & author, Templeton CA

“For the Love” is the essence of Jen Hatmaker and a perfect balance of Jen’s wit and wisdom. Jen writes to every woman with humor and encouragement on life, humanity, faith and urgent truths we all need to hear with plenty of Jenisms woven in to add to our lingo. A truly entertaining, uplifting and change provoking read!

~ Angela Gottschalk – Wife, Momma, Dabbler in Writing, Acting and Social Media. Austin, TX

This book is my love language. It speaks to your soul and heart, giving you permission to walk away from horsecrappery and reigniting a passion to love all people through grace and shared laughter. You and your following Jesus at all costs propaganda are forever and always on my beam as well Jen Hatmaker!

~ Shellie; Writer, Food Enthusiast, Passionate to a Fault, Adventure Junkie, & Mom/Wife to some crazies I love dearly, Irving, TX

I could not put this book down as it covered all different areas of life and encouraged me greatly. So thankful for Jen’s wisdom and sharing her heart with the world!

~ Keri Snyder, Blogger and lover of chocolate. Charleston, SC

Through witty and provocative essays, For The Love touches on all aspects of life: marriage, parenting, friendship, church, balance, womanhood, unworthiness–in a way that’s irreverently reverent. I found myself on many pages and thought of a dozen friends that could relate as well. Jen’s words illuminated the recesses of my heart as she emboldens us to intentionally live the simple message: Love God, Love People.

~ Emily Nelson; Blogger, Mad Instagrammer, eating her way through San Francisco. San Francisco, CA.

About the Book

About the Book

Best-selling author Jen Hatmaker is convinced life can be lovely and fun and courageous and kind. She knows how the squeeze of this life can make us competitive and judgmental, how we can lose love for others and then for ourselves. She reveals how to:

  • Break free of guilt and shame by dismantling the unattainable Pinterest life.
  • Learn to engage our culture’s controversial issues with a grace-first approach.
  • Be liberated to love and release the burden of always being right. 
  • Identify the tools you already have to develop real-life, all-in, know-my-junk-but-love-me-anyway friendships.
  • Escape our impossible standards for parenting and marriage by accepting the standard of “mostly good.”
  • Laugh your butt off.

In this raucous ride to freedom for modern women, Jen Hatmaker bares the refreshing wisdom, wry humor, no-nonsense faith, liberating insight, and fearless honesty that have made her beloved by women worldwide.

"Be kind. Be you. Love Jesus."




"For the love of fashion"

"For the love of parenting"

"I'm hoping to help lead a tribe that does more healing and less hurting."


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  • *For the Love (PDF): Limited Time Only! *Available until July 17, 2015
  • For the Love of Food: Jen’s Favorite Recipes eBook
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  • For the Love Bonus Essays (4 Chapters-Audio Version)
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  • *For the Love (PDF): Limited Time Only! *Available until July 17, 2015
  • For the Love of Food: Jen’s Favorite Recipes eBook
  • Discount Code to
  • For the Love Bonus Essays (4 Chapters-Audio Version)
  • For the Love Quote Poster
  • Paperback copy of Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist (Available to first 150)
  • For the Love Discussion Questions
  • For the Love T-shirt
  • For the Love leather cuff from Noonday Collection

About the Author, Jen Hatmaker

About Jen Hatmaker

Jen Hatmaker is a mom to five children, a pastor’s wife, sought-after speaker, best-selling author and star of the popular series My Big Family Renovation on HGTV.  She is best known for her books 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess and Interrupted: When Jesus Wrecks Your Comfortable Christianity. For more information, visit

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Follow Jen!

"We cannot do it all, have it all, or master it all."

Praise for For the Love

Praise for For the Love

Jen asked hundreds of her readers to give real-life feedback after reviewing advance copies of For the Love. Here's what they had to say.

Praise for For the Love

Reading this book is like sitting down to coffee with a friend. Jen pulls you close and whispers in your ear, “You are not failing. You’re doing great!” And because of Jen’s authenticity and her gift with words and with people, you actually believe her, breathe a sigh of relief, and feel empowered to go out and be a little gentler with everybody else, too. Jen moves effortlessly (and hilariously!) between the profound and the practical, sharing everything from how God shook up her neatly-tied-up theology to helpful advice on how to restore sanity to your schedule, build lasting friendships around your table (recipes included!), and make Jesus’ love real enough to your kids that they won’t walk away from the church. For The Love helps us set aside the impossible standards we use to evaluate ourselves so that we can breathe in Love, and breathe it out again.

Jennifer; Writer, Counselor, and Community-Builder. Chicago, IL

From start to finish, this book makes you feel like you are having coffee with your best friend. It’s fun, encouraging, thought-provoking, and leaves you with a renewed love for life, people, and Jesus.

Elise; Wife, Mom, Blogger, Caffeine Addict. Twin Cities, MN

When life seems overwhelming and busy, reading usually falls low on our long list of priorities. But For the Love is more than a book-it’s making time for a new friend. Jen’s raw honesty will leave you laughing out loud and exhaling a deep sigh of relief. Powerful and poignant, Jen’s message in For the Love challenges our safe Christian ideologies while motivating the reader to seek authentic faith motivated by big love. Don’t be surprised if you get to the end and want to immediately start all over again!

April Lakata Cao; Military wife, Mom to Four Extraordinary Kids and Writer. Wherever the Navy send us.

For the Love is a breath of fresh air, a relevant call to action, and an invitation for women to let ourselves “off the hook” so that we can get real about living and loving freely and boldly. Jen just gets it. You won’t find many authors who can move you to a full force ugly cry and a full force laughter episode all in the same page. Complete authenticity from cover to cover, FOR THE LOVE!

Amanda Johnson; Harmonica Collector, Embracer and Contributor of Awkward Situations, Guacamole Lover. Huntsville, TX

This book speaks to the heart of every woman, wife, mom, daughter and friend. The best part is honesty, because truth is so refreshing. Sometimes life is messy, so we clean it up, and start over. Sometimes we just need a new hashtag or words to express ourselves. Found it all here-#forthelove….#bless JenHatmaker for being so real.

Angie D.; Follower of Jesus, wife of one, momma of four, mimi of two.

"We need to quit trying to be awesome and instead be wise."

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"Love God, love people."

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